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Hi all.

I am having a frustrating time trying to figure out the start of the internal planking. I am building the Euryalus from the excellent books from Allan and Wayne. The book explains the "end" of the limber strake and filler at Frame R Forward. No problem but there is no reference to the end of the strake at Aft. Is there a certain frame or do you just allow for the strake to follow the natural fall (allowing for the filler piece} or do you just allow for the frame which would obviously not hold water and automatically drain to the channel.

I appreciate any help or advice on this matter.

I have a couple more questions, but will get to them later after a bit more research.



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Obviously I meant internal PLANKING. Sorry
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I am with Druxey on this.  Take a look at this part of EdT's log on the Naiad (a vessel of similar size and construction).  This is page two of his log,  Find post #57 and begin reading.  You will find many helpful photographs of how the internal planking might be done.



As a further caveat, Steel says that the limber strake is drawn on the inboard profile plan as a line parallel to the cutting down line (which amounts to the bottom of the keelson).  On Steel's plates this line for the limber strake runs the length of the keelson, although as Druxey ponts out it is fairly impossible to place a single plank this entire length and so the channel ends much sooner  The original plan from RMG shows the limber strake line the full length of the keelson.


I did not build Euryalus.  Perhaps Allan can give us some better insight here.



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