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U.S.S. Arizona by popeye the sailor - Revell - 1:426 scale

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2 hours ago, popeye the sailor said:

not sure what AMS is CDW.......but you remember the good 'ole days.... ;)  my brother and I would give them some ballast and send them out into the marsh in our back yard..........then shoot 'em with BB guns 😈


AMS is an acronym coined by modelers who are afflicted with "advanced modeler's syndrome". Modelers afflicted with AMS cannot build a model out of the box, stock, among other symptoms. 🙂

We grew up on a street with no stormwater drainage improvements. When it rained, a river of water flowed down the street in front of our house, then it turned and flowed down the side street along side of our house. We would race upstream with our sacrificial model boats during a rainstorm, release them in the water, then run back to the house and go out on the side porch where we waited with our BB guns. When the boats floated down the street and rounded the corner to come down the side street, we opened fire at each other's boats. A winning shot was a water line hull shot that sunk the boat. But it was fun to shoot the superstructures off the boats as well.

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30 minutes ago, knightyo said:

I feel like an underachiever.

You made me remember Alan. I think I dimly remember using a slingshot with pebbles once.


I wonder if all this model destruction had anything to do with the average quality of the models? To do the same thing to some of the models posted here would be sacrilege to say the least! 

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yes.......the things we did to our models....before we got old enough {and experienced enough},  to give a though into how much effort we put into them  ;)    now...........our only glint of enjoyment,  would be a viking funeral,  if the direction of the model went south!  :D :D 


dry ice is another form of explosive Jack.........a few chunks with water in a liter bottle....and you've got a bomb! :ph34r:


you think cherry bombs were bad Lou.........I entered my pyro days later on.   I'd build a squadron of small scale planes along with army men......and bury sacks of lighter fluid with m 80's.   I run after lighting,  but would be sometimes disappointed when it would go off before I could turn around :( 


anywhoooooo............I didn't think I'd do much to the model before I got these other two projects finished,  but the pull was too great.  I guess I was eager to get some PE on her.  before the fore deck section could be cemented in place,  there are some doors on the mid ship bulkhead that I wanted to do.   at first glance,  I thought there were only three.......but in the process of trimming off the raised molded detail,  I saw that there were four of them.   


note the one in the far right corner.  I was thinking of removing the stairs too,  but it would be a lot of chopping,  so I left them.   it wasn't too bad removing the door detail


with a little more clean up,  they will be ready to replace.   this will be rather interesting too........I'll be doing a sort of 'battle of the PE'.   here is the Eduard's PE for the Hood....I have quite a bit to work with.





then I have the cranes and catapults sheet from Tom's Model Works.   it appears that it may be slightly thicker than the Eduard's PE,  which may work out as an advantage for me,  as I'm still a bit PE challenged.


there are a few people on the sheet as well......I counted around 11 of them..........not sure if I will use them.   with all this........we'll see how much I can cram onto the model.  the doors were selected,  cut,  and cemented into place.


...and with the fore deck section finally cemented in place,  one can see how hard it would be to do it at this point.



the one thing I would stress to anyone building this model in the future,  would be to probably glue the decks in place,  before removing the railings. 

    as you can see,  there is a deficit around the edges,  that will require filling.   in some places,  it's not bad.......but in other places,  it's quite noticeable.   I did another bit of much needed removal........that freak'in anchor chain!   I can't believe that on a model this size,  that they would do that!  this also included cleaning out the hawse gates and using a file to clean them up.   I think I have some small chain.......if not,  I'm sure I can find some.


makes me wish there was PE for this....I hope it paints well.   the bow tip would have fit better......but there is a lump of plastic underneath.....for the location hole of the flag staff,  and I didn't remove it.   I don't plan on replacing the bollards,  so I'll need to be careful not to ruin them.   but then again........who knows.   I may find something for them.  I have to keep the budget in mind  ;)   here is the worse place that I need to deal with,  in regards to the deck line.


so this much is done..........I'll try to do something here and there,  and keep the log moving ;) 

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46 minutes ago, popeye the sailor said:

my thoughts exactly CDW..........but folks won't be modeling in the future.........they'll be doing holograms  ;) 


I shook the box Yves........there's one in here somewhere ;)   


thanks OC


....and thanks for all the likes  :) 

At the rate we're going, it's hard to imagine or tell what folk might be doing 50 years from now. I guarantee that 50 years ago, none of us would have predicted what we're seeing today.

I do vividly recall reading and looking at the periodicals 50 years ago and being dazzled by the things skilled modelers could do with a kit from that vintage. And it was all good. I would sit and look at the pictures and read the articles for hours at a time wishing I could do something just a fraction as good as what I was looking at/reading about.

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thanks gents for the good word.  yes.......modeling has come a long way.   as a young lad,  I lived in the country........no opportunities to see,  or even talk to folks about the hobby and what they were doing.  the only time I had any immersion into the hobby,  was when I'd visit the 606......the only hobby store in Manchester,  New Hampshire.   I didn't know of any other.   I wrote an article some time ago........modeling was so isolated....exposure was nill, and work hardly ever saw the light of day.  the internet changed all that :) 


got a little more done........show yas in a bit  ;) 

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I figured I'd get the rudder back on,  as well as the screw shafts.   I thought they'd be a bit more elaborate,  but this one doesn't have the bracketing ,  that others have.   it's very simple.    nice that the parts all don't share the same number.....running into cases where one is longer than another.   of course,  I had to open up a couple of the holes so they would fit.


getting the rudder wasn't too hard.......after all,  it popped out rather easily.  I was careful not to break the gungeons.......the whitish stuff is where I scraped away more flash.  the shafts weren't too tough to get them even either.


the holes on the port side were a little deformed........I didn't do much for it.   not that there is much I can do....maybe later before I paint.


I did a bit more here and there,  and assembled the two halves for the funnel.   there's room for embellishment.  more on it soon  :)  

note:  I did do away with the stamping,  as can be seen  ;) 

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On 8/23/2018 at 11:18 AM, CDW said:

Just remember, these models were cutting edge stuff when they came out way back when.

Makes me wonder what modelers will think of our models 50 years from now...probably pity the stone age Neanderthals that built them. 😄 

They will all be 3d printed by robot voice command. They will be amazed at our skill and try to figure out how we did all that without a computer or 3D printer. 

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thanks for the good word gents  :)     I'll have to check out the site....thanks Ken for letting me know {I'll make the admiral mad at me or else!!!}   I'm still thinking of a way to repair around the edge of the deck,  matching the hull to it.   I'd use the putty I have on hand,  but I think it's too old.......the hull bottom might still need some touch up


is that Face book Greg?

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