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U.S.S. Arizona by popeye the sailor - Revell - 1:426 scale

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welcome to the fray Piet....still very early in the project.   once I can get around the deck and hull cleaned up,  I can begin painting.  I also had a better look at what Model Monkey has to offer.......the time line is a bit off for me.   most of the upgrades are after 1935.......more towards 1940 and the fateful day in history.  with what I've seen with the parts offered though,  they are pretty close to what I have in mind for them.   I do plan to trim some of the barricades away and replace them with railings.   I think that with what I plan to do,  I can keep the integrity of the kit and enhance the looks of the model.   Pennsylvania and Nevada fans should also look at that link ;) 

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it wasn't the price........the funnel kit looked nice.........most of the stuff wasn't over $20.00.   it was the dating.......a bit later than when I want to base this model on.   after 1940,  some of the smaller guns were removed and there were some major changes.   I did do a couple of things to the hull this morning.   where I had botched the portholes on the fore and aft dimples,  I'm plating them over with brass.  these dimples,  back in the 20's { if memory serves me},  had guns mounted in them.   these being lower to the waterline on the hull,  would get battered by waves,  and so during an early refit,  they were removed.   I made a mess out of them trying to drill out the portholes,  so now I'm playing damage control.   I also did somewhat of a filler job for around the deck and hull.   of course,  all this meddling with the hull is not without less than desirable result....I broke the rudder :(   to be frank,  I'm just about ready to go out and purchase another kit,  and turn this one into the memorial 😈

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OK...........I broke away for a short time to cover over the port side dimples.   I started to tinker with it this morning,  thinking up a good way to fill in the deck / hull defect I created.   I have some 1/16 angle stock {plastruct} that would work well,  but not as intended.   I laid it on the table and flattened it with a dowel....later separating it with my fingernail.


the test fitting didn't go as I would have liked.......it just didn't look right........so I scrapped the idea and went with the aging putty I have on hand.  I then started to fill in the dimples.  cutting some thin brass into what looks like 4 mm,  I began shaping and trimming...fitting them into place.   I cemented them in with CA.  I did the starboard side first......I had drilled these holes.



the problem with them was that the portholes were molded around the curvature,  and I tried to drill them that way.   they looked hideous......I was off on a few as well.   now.......I could leave them this way,  or I could try an idea I have.   the Hood PE has life rings........I could cement on.......lets say three per dimple,  and drill out the portholes again.   they would have the characteristic porthole ring,  and there will be portholes.....painted over,  they will hopefully look like part of the hull....no more defect.  here is how they originally looked....before drilling.



the fore end of the port side was the worse area for the deck.  it is a little rough........really hate to try sanding it and lose some of the deck detail.


I tried not to get too much on the deck..........I'm not that pleased with it.  I'm hoping paint will hide most of it.   I might also try the CA idea....it can't hurt ;)    getting back to it..........and finding out I broke the rudder,  I fixed that and set to work on the port side.  first was to remove the raised portholes....cut another strip.......and fit them in place.




in addition to the reasoning behind not dealing with model Monkey,  is the face that they are molded very different than the kit parts.  I would have to cut away the structures that the fore structure sits on.........


those two structures would need to be cut away...they are part of that upper level structure.   there is a small structure that is not shown,  nestled between these two.....I dunno,  you can hardly see it.   I don't know why some folks are making such a fuss about it....I'll look at it again,  and if I don't see the need,  I won't add it in.   in the Arizona's latest refit.......the guns in the first pair of casements were eliminated.   also,  there are a pair of gun tubs aft of the mid ship bulkhead...deck level that shouldn't be there.........they weren't installed until 1941.  even then,  they were not fully installed when the ship was attacked.   they were supposed to house 11 inch quadruple anti-aircraft guns.  we will never know if they would have helped :( 

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thanks OC..........with the exception of a couple of builds,  I've not had too much of a problem with the rudder.   wouldn't you know it........I practically rip this one off!  I think once the hull is painted and I can make the stand for it,  I can better safeguard breaking it again ;)    I will let the dimple repairs set for a time,  then I can cement on the circles and drill the holes.   should look alright then........can't use too many though,  need to make sure I have enough for the railings  :) 


thanks also for the likes  :)  

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yea........they are vulnerable little critters,  aren't they?!?!?!  :D    it's just my tendency to work from the bottom up.....it's a wonder I don't put the props on already!   who knows........the admiral didn't flip when I mentioned getting another Arizona kit.....so that might be in the making.  then I can start over and not have such a messed up deck line  ;)     we'll see what happens........


thanks for the kind comment......it's nice to see your following along.

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49 minutes ago, popeye the sailor said:

who knows........the admiral didn't flip when I mentioned getting another Arizona kit.....so that might be in the making.  then I can start over and not have such a messed up deck line  ;)     we'll see what happens........

I am sure, she would prefer that you start the Trumpeter kit in 1/200 scale, instead of these old Revel kits..... 😉



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thanks for the birthday wishes........I had a great day yesterday,  in spite of the admiral's back problems resurfacing.   I had read that the trumpeter kit wasn't very good.......quite a few inaccuracies.  the budget director would never ok spending that kind of money on a plastic kit.......wood maybe  ;)   I do thank you though for wanting me to upgrade.....but I will continue with this kit......I think it needs me {Charlie Brown....good grief!} :D    I have read though that some of the 1:350 kits are pretty good..........perhaps I'll hunt one up.  I love Revell....I grew up with them .


I'm 62 Lou........how old does dirt have to be? ;) 

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that's true Lou..........it would also depend on how much fertilizer is added ;)   compost anyone?????  :D 


hello Sam :)     actually........I'm still up in the air.   I'll continue with this kit.......should I go to Hobby Lobby in the future and see another one,  I may pick it up.  the kit is cheap enough to expand on I think.   thanks for the birthday wishes........it's not too bad being another year older  ;) 


no.....the project is still on-going.....I've just been lost in my own thoughts.   even though the outlook may still be cloudy,  there's no reason why I should let it spoil my fun.     >here,  here.........well spoken Bruce<   >rule No #1.............NO POOFTERS!!!!<

    I was pondering over the kit one afternoon,  when I began looking at the second level to the main structure.   some of the pictures I've seen do not show casements all around it.   I decided to leave the gun casements in place,  and whittled away the ones between each one.   the ones on the fore end were left alone,  but is subject to change.   as for the two guns and casements I mentioned earlier,  I'm going to leave them.....I like armament ;) 


the way that the forward casements are shaped,  is the reason why I kept them.   then I started to drill out the portholes in those modified hull gun placements.  the port bow went ok.............


.....but the stern,  I goofed on the second one.   I will have to put in a new piece and redrill it.


once these are done,  I can start on painting the hull.   I've also been looking at other stuff molded on the deck....what can be removed and replaced with PE.  other than playing with some of the PE,  trying to decipher the TMW instructions,  this is as far as I've gotten.  I hope to have more soon.


thanks for hang'in in there with me......... :) 

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the beauty of brass ... it seems you are getting the intricacies of it ;) drilling on the model isn't the easiest way to do it. if you can, drill on the desk, and put it on later. you can even drill the plastic part after attaching the brass ... every step takes you further ... slow and steady mate

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I'm working with a new drill bit........slow speed I think will be my best defense when I start the hole.   just got done with the work week......felt like hitting the table,  but figured I'd better mow the lawn.  we're going to have one day of nice weather tomorrow {we had one today,  but I was at work},  and then it goes down hill......chilly and rainy :(    first,  I gotta replace the bad piece...then I will drill the others.   man!  I wanna get paint'in ;) 


thanks for the comments.......I hope to get a little further on this one.

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4 hours ago, popeye the sailor said:

yepper!  I'm here :)    too tired during the week.........look'in for a productive three days ;) 

Lets just start with a productive day at the time. It seems I am also running after modelling time lately, and rarely get a chance to really sit down at it. Hope you get your three days in a row ...

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