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Bulwarks Planking Question

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Good Morning -

I have a question concerning the bulwarks planking on my Charles W. Morgan. The bulwarks are planked only at the bow and it's a blunt end which means a significant curve is needed. That's not problematic in and of itself, but the issue for me is the fact that at the same time the bulwarks slope outwards. I can't seem to get the plank to bend in the required two planes at the same time. If the plank is flush to the deck or the plank below, it won't lay flat against the framing. If it's flat against the framing, it won't rest flush on the one below. I suspect there a technique for this, but I'm not sure what it might be. Is there a kind of "reverse spiling" or something of that nature? Does using the narrowest possible planks help? I know it's actually not too important for this model as most of this planking is hidden beneath the anchor deck, but I'm now really curious to learn if there is a technique that I don't know about that's better than my default setting of using half a bottle of CA glue and then sanding the heck out of it.


Any suggestions or input would be much appreciated.


Many thanks,


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If you are using the planking material supplied which is straight you wouldnt have the shape needed to conform to the frames.  You will need to make a card template to find the shape or even some tape applied to the frames.  You will soon find that the shape you need is curved as shown below.


A plank shaped like this and then bent and twisted ahead of time will conform and lay flat against the frames.



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Thanks Chuck,

So it is a matter of spiling just as if it was on the outside of the hull. It's something I haven't tried in the past, but I've been working on it this afternoon with some good results. I'll post some pictures soon in my build log.

Thanks again for your help.


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