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Mystery Cabin Cruiser by michael mott - 48 inches long

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I could not put this into the scratch built section because it was a kit.

Last night at a meeting with some friends I was given this model boat model.







The history as I have it is that my friends father was a machinist and woodworker and he started this model but did not finish is before he died which was some time ago. My friend has no interest in the model other than seeing it when it is put into the water. "it is yours to do with as you see fit" was his comment when he gave it to me.











Seeing this model brought back the memories that I mentioned in another post about the thirteen year old Michael who's  Drafting teacher's Uncle was a model builder and would I like to see them. His Uncle had a model like this on the dining room table to show me.


My friend claims that the plans for this model boat are somewhere in the house...... but he has no idea where.

So my question is is there anyone out there who recognizes this Cabin Cruiser , I am thinking it might be a Keelcraft model from the late 40's or early 50's. it is incredibly light and looks to be made from balsa wood.




There is some really nice woodwork done with mahogany veneers.




the props and rudders are already installed.




So there you have it, I know I have been warned to only work on one project at a time, but this one has a lot of charm and touched a lot of buttons in the little boy inside.


I do not anticipate this being a quick fix but I think it is going to happen.



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Hello Jack yes I will put a radio in it the overall length is 48 inches I am now convinced that this is a model of the 42 foot Chris Craft Corvette and there are a lot of examples of this craft on the internet some in beautiful condition.



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No Carl I have put the model away for now I am determined to finish the cutter first.

Thanks Denis yes the model is in good shape.


(the rest of this post ought to go into What have you done today but I'm beat) I finished gluing up the main side panels of the companionway deck house last evening.  I have been tidying up the garage for the last two days sorting too much stuff I moved in from the country. because I need to be able to get Maria in as well as Judy's car.

Oh yes I'v been reading "The Organized Mind" by Daniel J Levitin. A great book in my view.



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