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Newbie on the block


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Just a quick hello  to my. fellow modelers

I'm starting the 1/96 revell Constitution after 20 something year lay off, I'm mostly into nitro rc helicopters, but I digress built this version back in the 80 s and unfortunately was ruined in the subsequent years of moving.just figuring how to get the deck to look aged and wooden

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time


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On 9/24/2018 at 7:24 AM, davidrasch said:

The revell conny is a favorite of mine. Amazon, among others, sell a premium wood deck you can apply. Check it out.

    Yes, this would be a much easier method of eliminating the plastic deck seams and giving a much more realistic wooden deck complete with the difficult nibbing into the waterways.  Believe me, I have done it twice for this model and it was not an easy job to substitute a wooden deck for the plastic one!  An excellent reference booklet for making this model is How To Build Plastic Ship Models by Les Wilkins as seen below.


    He has one chapter that I referred to often, showing how a student of his converted the Constitution into the President from your kit. 


    There are quite a few photos and diagrams showing a lot of details and techniques.


    As a mater of fact, several of his completed models are on display at the Manitowoc Maritime Museum in Manitowoc, Wisconsin that I have seen myself.  I found the booklet a valuable guide. :10_1_10:



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