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HMS Triton

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I plan on working on the HMS Triton in Autodesk Maya for my UCONN Digital Media Design Final Project. It will be an ongoing project that will take me a couple of semesters. 


BUT I do have a MAJOR question. I am working with the plans. I have to convert them to JPEG rather then PDF. But some of the vocabulary is unknown to me. Is there a list of parts somewhere that I can look at not of the Triton necessarily but some other ship that I can identify and know what I am working on. I've never really done anything with Wooden ships before. Thanks. I'll post some images soon. Jim 

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hello Jim. nice to see some more 3d builds around. being a newcomer to shipbuilding world myself I can tell you, this whole old naval naming convention is giving me headaches as well, and I'm 1 year, 5 months into my 3d build currently. 


there are a lot of books that can help you with everything you need to know. you can find more info using forum search, and some nice soul might drop a list or two here. go through my topics, in one of them, I can't remember which one, there's a mention of few essential books. but if you're not willing to, or can't, spend money, Google is your friend. just be prepared to do a lot of reading and intel gathering ... a lot!! ;)


good luck! 

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