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Size of 3-pounder gun barrel in 1/48 scale

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Hello everyone,


may anyone help me please. I’m going to build a 1/48 scale british revenue cutter and having trouble to identify the correct size of a 3-pounder gun. Most scale guns seem to be oversized. I remember a 3-pounder gun having a gun barrel length of about 5‘ , is that correct? That would be about 30mm for the correct size of a scale 3-pounder barrel in 1/48 scale - equal to a 6-pounder gun barrel in 1/64 scale.

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Hello Captain Hook,


I made a compilation of gun sizes ( Armstrong Frederick-Design ) of 1760. Dimensions in Imperial and conversion into metric.

Some details of carriages ( also in German language) from various sources as well. All in a xls sheet. I will try to turn the 3 -pounders on my small Unimat-3 lathe.

I'll inform about results later. I'm working on Af Chapman English cutter. 987593148_ArchitecturanLX.thumb.jpg.d0faaea1fdfbbe8d1d64368923feeded.jpg

Armstrong-Frederick Cannons Umrechnungen.xlsx

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