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A $14,000 model kit


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So they say more than 3,000 hours have been spent building one of these models? That's a whopping $5 an hour...but you have to calculate (deduct from wages) the cost of materials and company profit.

The workers probably made less than $3 an hour. Doesn't exactly encourage me to make models for a living. Flipping burgers would be more profitable for the worker. 

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14 minutes ago, BETAQDAVE said:

    Just found an old Revell plastic model kit of the Kearsarge  on E-Bay today that for a mere $1,000.00, you too can own.  I'll bet he never paid $50.00 for it when he bought it!  Quick, get out your calculator guys and see what kind of mark-up that comes out to. :o

Some of the eBay items that are clearly ridiculous have been linked to money-laundering scams. They know no-one normal will buy the item, but there's a particular person who will buy it just to transfer the money. I have no idea how it works as a scheme, but there was a report about the practice some time back in the Guardian newspaper in the UK.



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