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Belaying points circa 1695

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I am looking for definitive information on running rigging belaying points for a fourth rate of 1695.   I have scoured Lees and Anderson and there is a lot of information there that is helpful, but in the words of R.C. Anderson It would be impossible - for me at any rate - to give a complete list of the type and position of the fastening of every rope.  


It is many years since he wrote that statement so I am hoping someone can lead me to THE definitive source on belaying points for this era.   There is a model of a 50 gun fourth rate of 1693 (possibly the Portland), and a model of a 60 gun of 1703 at Annapolis for which I have photos from the past  but I only have a few photos and they were not taken with the thoughts of following running rigging lines.   If necessary I will have to go back up to Maryland and spend a day or two photographing and sketching lines, but would love to avoid that if possible.  There is a fully rigged model of a 50 gun of 1695 at NMM, but going there and getting to the model and taking photos is probably not possible.  


Any leads, information, and help of any kind would be most welcome.  



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How about looking at some other countries ships  of that period?

French rigging is not identical but  some lines are surely the same.


Whatever you find, when you choose to dive in that era, one of the greatest trap,  that you have to accept, is  that many  answers: will only be your best guest.

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Thank you gentlemen.   I did purchase higher resolution photos of a 1695 50 gun fourth rate from NMM and they are somewhat of a help, albeit not as good as actually having a chance to stand in front of the model and drawing the belaying points for each line.  With these photos, Lees, Anderson and a myriad of other sources, I do hope it will be as detailed and accurate as possible.   There are some conflicts between the sources, but I believe that is not unusual when doing any kind of research in this hobby of ours.  



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