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Best method to paint metal parts?

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Sanding photo etch is tricky and probably not needed - I have never had to do it at least.  Any sanding should be followed with a cleaning using a grease/oil cutting agent - acetone should work for most crud and lacquer thinner works too - and to get the sanding debris cleaned.  I follow the solvent soak with a water rinse and then let the parts air dry.  Don't skip the water rinse.  If you are on well water or have real hard water you might be advised use distilled water.   Next, do not touch the parts with your bare hands.  Use tweezers or clean cotton gloves or exam gloves W/O powder!

Primer should stick just great.  I use an acrylic primer - Badger's Stynylrez - and it and the final color coats stick.

This is what has worked for me.


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Hello. I use this stuff on all metal parts that are going to be painted. Works great. Leaves a very hard surface and paint will stick to it totally. The highest the number, the thinner the coat. I wasn't aware of the 1200 or 1500 version. Will surely try it next time.

Looks like it comes in white, gray and black colors.


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Some folks add another step.. put the parts in vinegar for around 10 minutes or so to put some "tooth" on the metal.   Rinse in distilled water and allow to dry and then prime.  I do this for brass parts I'm blackening and the vinegar bath seems to make a big difference in how the blackening turns out.

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