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First build, first question.....

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I'm about to start my first build, Model Shipways "Bluenose". My work area is ready, the kit invitoried and plan sheet #1 hung. Before I assemble the 3 piece keel I have a beginners question.


I see the reference line will need to be drawn on both sides of the keel sections before they are joined together. I was thinking that using dividers to transfer measurements from the plans to the wood might be the easiest way to go. I could take several measurements from different points of the keel plans.


Is this the best way to transfer these measurements? Would using the same method for the rabbet and bearding lines work? Is there a better way to transfer these measurements?







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Another good method would to use a tick strip. Just a piece of paper or cardboard where you can mark reference lines. Lay the strip onto your plan and transfer the top of the profile former (for instance) onto the strip and then transfer the reference line at one of the frame locations. Now, lay the strip onto the profile former piece, lining it up with the same frame location and the line for the top of the profile former aligned with the top of the profile former piece. You can then transfer the reference line mark onto the profile former. Repeat at several frame locations and you will have marks through you can strike a line for the reference line. This is easier to do than to explain and it is very accurate, provided you take the time to accurately transfer the marks. make sure your pencil is SHARP. 





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