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18th Century Longboat by Zack Soderquist - FINISHED - Model Shipways - Scale 1:48

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This was my first wood ship build. I didn't take many pictures during the build process. Didn't think to do so. Prior to this, I built a USS Constitution by Revell 1/196 scale, plastic. That is the extent of my model building experience. Comparing the process of building a plastic kit and a wood kit, I am totally hooked on wood ships. Also of note, I am a software developer by trade and have never worked with wood or did any painting so I am very very new to every part of building models and it is apparent in the quality. I am happy with the final results but I can only get better from here.


I did modify the color of the red paint that came with the kit. The kit came with Bright Red and Hull Copper Red. I mixed a little of the Hull Copper Red in with the Bright Red till it came out with the color I liked.


Here are some photos before I started on the masts and rigging. 




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Here are pictures of the ship after I finished the masting and rigging. I didn't like the rigging line provided in the kit so ordered rigging line from Syren Ship Model Company https://www.syrenshipmodelcompany.com/. The quality of this line was quite apparent. I was very happy I upgraded the rigging, it made it much easier to work with.



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I decided to build a display case from scratch. I didn't purchase enough oak corner molding so the photo shows missing molding on the back which has since been completed. Some lessons learned in the process but compared to the model, it was actually quite simple. I plan to have a plaque created and will add inside the display case.


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