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Dos anyone know's were the kit eyepins from ME is made?

the brass eyepins thats comes with the syren kit Seems to be different or crapy one,

I have dunn the blackenig befor with good result, but this time it Seems to not stikk 

I did try acid dip first and so on... but its turn out the same 😲( I used carr's)





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Hi Svein Erik.

What I did was get a piece of 3mm tubing,cut a slot about 10mm long drill a hole right through at 90° to the slot of the diameter I want the eye to be. Bent the wire around whatever pin,drill shank etc diameter to get the size of eye I wanted. Hold the wire with pliers and spin the tube. I can make dozens of eyebolts in a very short time. I have several of these for making different sized eyebolts. No need to butcher a pair of longnose pliers as has been suggested. Incidentally a spun up eyebolt holds much better than the single shank ones.


Dave :dancetl6:

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18 minutes ago, wefalck said:

I may be stupid, but it isn't to me, sorry. Is the pin with the wire inside the tube and you form the sharp corners with it ? Perhaps also the term 'spin' is confusing, as it normally implies serveral, if not many turns.

Wefalk,perhaps I should have written bend the wire around the pin ensuring the two ends are inside the tube slot,silly me.


Dave :dancetl6:

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