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Hello everyone,


I haven’t posted in a few months. It’s been a very hectic calendar year since March. 


Firstly having a new kitchen fitted in April/May and having to muck in with plastering and painting once the fitters had installed the kitchen. 


Also spent a huge amount of time and energy at work over spring and summer ensuring a major project got over the line after the project manager was made redundant. 


And finally this little guy made an appearance on August 23rd in an emergency C-section, just under 7 weeks early versus his due date of October 8th and weighing 4 lbs. 


Being early meant he had to spend a few days in intensive care on respiratory support whilst his lungs finished developing. 


Then spent a further three weeks in the hospital NICU ward feeding through a tube whilst he gained strength and learned to feed from Mum. 


Happy to say say we are now all at home and doing well. 


Edward is now 7 lbs and growing rapidly!


My goal of finishing the garden project in time for an end of summer BBQ has gone seriously wrong....!

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45 minutes ago, jim_smits said:

My goal of finishing the garden project in time for an end of summer BBQ has gone seriously wrong

He looks like he is really aware in the last picture. Get used to coming home from work and finding that he has grown even more while you were gone!:huh: When you look back on the pictures it is amazing just how small they once were.


It is going to be years before you get time to get things done on time again, get used to it.:D



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