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signs of the season


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    Just returned from a short stay at our place in Door County.   Was a bit of a drive up this time! (365 miles)  We left home at noon on Saturday and drove to Egg Harbor to unload the car and our bird Sebastian by about 4:00, then drove back to Green Bay to a wedding reception at 5:30, and finally back to the condo by 10:00.  As we normally put him to bed in his cage by 6:30, he was a bit peeved with us when we finally returned and really gave us a piece of his mind before we finally got him to bed!

    The weather was cloudy, rainy and cold (upper 20's at night) until Monday when it changed to snow and ice.  :o  Was pretty depressing the whole time there until Tuesday morning when, naturally, almost on cue, it was time to go home.  The sun came out and it was the best day since we arrived!  

    Anyways, with the sun finally making an appearance the fall colors really put on a show even though it was already past peak.  Here are a few photos that we were able to take on the way back.



    Here are a few more taken at a nearby farmers market, including Sebastian in his travel cage.







    Here are a few more from near the condo.






        Almost made it worth the trip just to see all the fall colors before our WI winter sets in again. :10_1_10: 




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    Spring can't be too far off as we've had a regular invasion of these pests for a couple weeks already.  They come in three sizes: small, big, and large economy size.  This is one of the small fry.


The large economy size are more than twice this guys size.

    We've put out about two dozen baited traps so they'll take the poison back to the nest, but we still kill more than a dozen every day all over the house and have no idea where they keep coming from.  Twice I found an ant and kept putting the bait in his path, but he kept veering away from it.  Finally after about ten attempts they started eating the bait and I left them alone for an hour or so.  When I came back they were both only about six feet from the baits, but they were already dead.  Apparently they ate too much, and never made it back to the nest.  

     Part of the problem is making sure that our bird doesn't mess with either the traps or poisoned ants.

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   My opinion about fall is that now we get to go to bed when it's dark, wake up when it's still dark, go to work when it's still dark, get off work when it's still dark, and eat dinner when it's still dark.  So I guess what I'm saying, is that we need to embrace the dark and become the dark!


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Harried parents holiday tip:

    Place fake presents under the tree with your child's name on them.  Now, every time they misbehave, pick up one of those fake presents and toss it into the burning fireplace.

    They'll straighten right up.  You're welcome.

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