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Beautiful work Marsalv!  Thank you for sharing your build progress and techniques!  I bought the monograph off eBay years ago when it was listed for a great deal, and have always wanted to build it once I gained more skill and experience.  It's a relatively plain ship compared to some of the other Ancre subjects when it comes to ornamentation, but I think it's a beauty.

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To Dirk - I bought this machine from one Czech company - https://cnc.inshop.cz/cnc-frezky-a-routery/mala-modelarska-cnc-frezka-pro-gravirovani-a-ryti. This company is co-owned with one man from German and milling maschines are made in China under inspection people from German. So I hope the quality of production will also be under tight control. Milling speed is in my case cca 15-20 mm/s, time required for one frame production is aprox. 7 minutes (milling maschine makes 10 passes). 

Beveling was done in two phases, rough sanding was made with help of Proxxon maschines, fine sanding was made manually with sanding paper glued on the wooden sticks. Beveled frames are temporarily situated on the keel.









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Hi Marsalv - Can't help but keep going back and admiring your work from start to date - just beautiful clean joinery especially the way you have cut the limbers - I was wondering if you could let us in on the secret ? It looks like some sort of collar around a mill bit which is guided by the batten and limits the depth ? I can't work out if its stationary or rotating with the mill bit - Could you enlighten me please. Cheers Pete

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5 hours ago, marsalv said:

To PeteB - you basically answered yourself - see picture.


Hi Marsalv -  All today I have had all sorts of high tech options from double ball races to modified live centers fitted with a mill bit flying around what grey matter is left - I should have known to first apply the old standby - KISS. - Thanks mate for putting me out of my misery - cheers Pete

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