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Wow, Marsalv - what a talent you are!  I'm just completely blown away by all of it.  This is truly inspiring stuff!


I particularly like your cut-aways.  I have never seen anyone else approach it in quite this way;  you seem to have maximized the long-view through the ship, in places, while adding a uniquely a-symmetrical artistic flair to the openings.  It is all just so good.


The lead-lined manger is just perfection, from my point of view.

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Hi Marsalv - Just been catching up and was about to say that every time I look in the work keeps getting better and better but realized that isn't the case your work has been at this extraordinary level of precision right from the start.


I don't often have cause to say this,  but for me I genuinely find your build inspiring and/or aspiring (not sure of my english here) even though I have no illusions of being able to replicate the same result - thank you. One question if I may ? in your earlier post you show your plank caulking method - is it  thin card stock you are using or are they very thin hornbeam strips ?


I'll keep you from your work no longer - Stay safe - Cheers Pete


On 3/27/2020 at 7:44 PM, marsalv said:

Some deck details - inner waterways, binding strake, carlings and ledges.












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It's a matter of taste. Somehow, to me, machine carvings lack a certain quality that the hand-carved pieces have. They are, perhaps, a little too perfect. Also, the surface finish of a machine tool gives a different surface finish to that of the burnishing produced by an edge tool.

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On 1/29/2021 at 5:26 AM, marsalv said:

To PeteB: I used the black translucent paper for the caulking.

The last stem decorations are added. All carvings are made with CNC milling maschine with small manual corrections.






Hi Marsalv. Have a question for you. What program are you using for doing your carvings?  I just may purchase the same one. At the moment am looking at V Carving which might be the route for me to go.  Thank you and keep up the outstanding work. Gary

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Thank you guys for all likes and comments.

I understand that for some people, the use of CNC machines is a somewhat controversial topic. On the other hand, I remember how I started modeling about 40 years ago with a hand saw and a set of files. Today, no one dares to use various electrical devices that make it easier for us modelers to work. From this point of view, the CNC machine is just another evolutionary step.

To garyshipwright: I am using VCarve Desktop.

I am starting work on main capstan parts - some pictures from production.











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Whether it’s handwork with traditional tools, or working with technology - engineering the process for producing the results is always the greatest challenge, IMO.  The results you are getting with CNC are superb, but the machines will only do what you tell them to.  Your talent as a maker of fine things is abundantly clear, even if the means of expressing it is less familiar to most, including myself.

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The results speak for themselves and I see a masterclass in CNC programming. It must be so difficult to work out all of the cutting passes and just how to hold the piece which probably needs turning around. How you work out the datum on something like that is incredible. This is an art in itself and more than likely the future of model ship building. I just wish that I could do it to be honest 

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