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The Ghosts of the Mary Rose - moved by moderator

Steve D

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For those members lucky enough to live in Sydney, SBS ONE is broadcasting "The Ghosts of the Mary Rose" at 0115 am on Monday morning (check your local guides if you live in a regional area, the times may alter).


I have seen the show, recording it the last time it was broadcast. There is a little interesting information about the vessel and life on board. Discussion about the causes of her sinking is entered into.


I found it quite interesting, but it may be a struggle to stay up that late for some members. Time to program your VCR/DVD/Hard drive recorder methinks.



Steve D


Member of the Australian Society of World War 1 Aero Historians



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If you have a particular interest in this vessel or this program, you might try chasing up a DVD of the show, or looking at the SBS website to see if they are showing it on line. "SBS On Demand" is showing on line after the broadcast. I don't know if this is free or if you are required to "join up" but it might pay to check that out.


But I DID preface my post with "For those members lucky enough to live in Sydney".




Edited by Steve D

Steve D


Member of the Australian Society of World War 1 Aero Historians



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This brings back memory's for me as I was one of the divers that helped to do the underwater research and recovery.

I had three separate weeks of diving. Learnt a lot about surveying and underwater archeology.

Have seen this program on Discovery Channel ( sky ).


Happy viewing Antony

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Yes Steve, I know you did. But still it's a shame.

We've got about 100 television networks from all over the world, except Australia.


But I found some video's and I will check the website afterwards.


Thanks and take care,



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found a link to the video 

Its all part of Kev's journey, bit like going to the dark side, but with the lights on

All the best

Kevin :omg:



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