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Hello from Independence, OR USA

Jim T

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I've been perusing this forum for a few weeks now and thought it time to introduce myself. Lately I've renewed my interest in model boat (notice I said "boat" and not "ship") building. I've been around boats pretty much all my life. I owned a commercial salmon troller (37') for 29 years and did extensive rebuilding on it (steel) during that time. I built a 16' Hartley Trailor Sailor (double chine plywood) some 40 years ago now. Also an 8' sailing dingy during that time. Since my teenage years my I've been in and out of building and flying model RC airplanes. A couple of years ago, I fulfilled a life time desire to learn about machining metal and purchased a Sherline lathe and mill and have built several model steam engines. I've been a lifetime woodworker and still have a fairly complete woodshop. As I eluded to, my main interest is in smaller boats that can be built in a larger scale (1:24 on up). Some years back (about 8 ) I purchased the Model Shipways "Glad Tidings" kit. After looking at it, I decided to get my feet wet with something simpler and started on the Model Shipways "Speakeasy" kit. I recently got back to the "Speakeasy" kit and am just now starting the planking process. 


Hopefully this introduction doesn't sound too much like a job application. However, in a sense I guess it is since my goal is to become a working member (apprentice) of this fine forum.


I'm currently thinking about getting involved in Chuck's Medway Longboat group build and doing a build thread representing the bottom of the skill level ladder. I've done several build threads of my engine builds over on Model Engine Maker and they're quite fun to do. Plus, they're such a great platform for getting input, support and guidance from more skilled folks. Also, I'm going to order the plans for the NRG "Generic Sharpie" to look that over as well.


Best Regards, Jim


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Hi Jim,

Welcome to MSW from a fellow Oregonian.   I think you'll find MSW is also a great place for support, guidance, etc.   By all means open a build log when you've decided on your boat as it'll be the best way to get help when you need it.

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Hello, Jim. I lived near Eureka, CA, for many years, and two of my children live near Morro Bay, so I'm familiar with the trollers that you speak of. Many of them are attractive boats and would make excellent modeling subjects.



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Thanks for the welcome.


I ordered the Generic Sharpie plans from NRG on Monday and they arrived yesterday............impressive delivery! Also included was a complimentary copy of the "Nautical Research Journal. What a nice magazine. It is the Summer 2018 issue and the very first article was about Yard Mine Sweepers. Back when I owned my salmon troller, I used to have it hauled out for bottom work at the Astoria Marine Construction Company (AMCCO) http://historywithheart.com/astoria_marine.htm They built minesweepers during WWII.  When I was there in the 70's, 80's and 90's, the shipyard was just a shell of it's former glory, but in the buildings there were still a lot of patterns and staging left from the minesweeper days. 


Anyway, what a nice set of plans. I spent yesterday afternoon looking them over and have spent the last few days reading the Monograph of the build. Between the plans and the Monograph I can envision a successful outcome with making this a first scratch building project.  I was also considering Chuck's Medway Longboat group build, but am presently thinking that the Generic Sharpie will be a better project for me to start with. Plus, I'm really enthused about milling my own building lumber and setting up the building jigs. i have lots of questions, but will save those for when I get a build thread set up.



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Welcome from another newbie to the forum - also from Oregon (Corvallis).


I have seen some beautiful models of small boats in large scale. You have the opportunity to build a lot of fine detail - like some model airplane builders put into their planes.


If (when) you decide to start scratch building the original construction blueprints for US Navy small boats (and some larger auxiliaries) are available on line from the Barbour Boat Works Inc. records (#758) at the J. Y. Joyner Library at East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.




I accidentally stumbled upon this source and not a lot of people know about it, so I mention it to everyone interested in small boats.


Looking forward to posts of your builds.



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