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Charles W Morgan by geoffs - Artesania Latina - scale 1:50 - First Wooden Ship Build

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Well I'm settled enough in my new place to get started on a build. I'll call this my first build as any experience I have had, was a long. long time ago.

Model is about 35 years old (guesstimate) of the Charles W Morgan my Artesania Latina. This model was donated a couple of years ago to the Living Boat Trust, I group of which I'm a member. The LBT maintain and occasionally build, wooden boats in Franklin, Tasmania.


Bulkheads are router cut. Not sure if this would have been CNC given the age of the model.


DIe cut parts, no lasers here!




Lots of little plastic bags. I've got some partitioned containers to put these in.


I think I have the necessary tools assemled. I just need to make up a board on which to build it and maybe a keel clamp  - I have some aluminium extrusion and 3D printed clamps for that.

Don't pull up a chair just yet, this could take a while!






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I wonder if you could please help me out with a problem.

I am in the process of building this model and have damaged the first 3 sheets of the drawings - the other 3 plans are fine.


Is there any chance you could take some pictures of these plans and forward to me so I can continue with the model. There is not enough information in the instructions alone to progress.


Your assistance appreciated



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