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Medway Longboat (1742) 1:24 by gjdale - Finished!

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Progress has been slow but steady. Prior to installing the bowsprit, I added the foresail halyard. Then the bowsprit was added. In making the brass parts for this, I opted to pin the aft support both top and bottom by turning a 1 mm diameter pin at either end of the brass bar. This only required one re-do due to incorrect measurement of length. I again used heat shrink tubing to simulate the iron bands and am quite pleased with the way these look. Here are a few photos.







The traveller ring with hook and shackle was next, along with the jib halyard and outhaul. I just followed Chuck’s instructions here for the hook and shackle. While my shackle doesn’t look as nice as Chuck’s, I’m satisfied with it.







And here’s an overall shot at this point:





I have since added the Flag and some rope coils but won’t have photos of them until the final shoot.


In the meantime, I’ve been working on the oars. I began by putting the square stock in my lathe and rounding it off using sandpaper. Then I turned a small section thinner for the hand grip, using very light cuts with a cutting tool and finishing off the shaping with some sanding sticks. The oar blades were then attached and shaped using some soft sanding blocks to achieve both a taper and a slight curve.


Here you can see the effect of the taper and curve:




And here is a close-up of the turned handle:




The oars are currently in the paint shop receiving their livery colour. Once they are done, I have some final tidying up to do and the model will be finished. Next update will be completion shots.

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My Longboat is now complete! The finishing touches were applied today – some rope coils, the oars, grapnel and final fixing to the base. For added security, I used a 1/16” brass rod as a locator pin between the pedestal stands and the base, secured with epoxy. So here are the final photos. You will note the date on the stand says 2019….only two years late….
























I'd like to thank you all for the kind comments and likes along the way, and a special thanks to Chuck for his ongoing support and advice throughout this build. Despite the false start and need to start over, I have enjoyed this little build immensely.


I'll see you for the next one...

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Thank you one and all for the very kind comments and likes on the completion of my Longboat model.


Unfortunately, as I was setting up to take some "what's in the box?" photos for my new build, I knocked the camera and tripod over onto the Longboat. By a stroke of good luck, damage was minimal and relatively easily repaired - a little glue, a lick of touch up paint, and some re-tensioning of the rigging and all is good. No photos of before and after but rest assured all has been put to right. Just need to find a safer temporary place for the longboat until her permanent home is decided.

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