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18th Century Armed Longboat by alichty044 - Model Shipways - Scale 1:24 - Small - First Wooden Ship Build

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Hello Everybody!


I was encouraged to start a build log.  I stated that once I received the replacement part from Model Expo that I would do just that.  I received my package on Friday and so I am now going to begin my log. Let me apologize in advance for all of the "basic" questions that I will have along the way.  As I have previously stated, I am very eager to learn from all of the incredibly talented people on this forum.


The first picture is of my workspace (it's a good thing that I am single lol)1065762875_MyWorkspace-Resized.JPG.b2ae1dad44aa8fa218f14695b3a4904b.JPG

The remaining photos are of the bearding line and rabbet1946316626_AftFalseKeel01-Resize.JPG.3795adc4d89e2b18a7c0cb907cd20400.JPG





The keel and false keel are not yet glued in the following picture but soon will be:D


Please, if anybody sees something that i have done (or am doing) incorrectly, tell me - I promise that I won't be offended




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Well.... My entry into this hobby has not been kind to me lol.  First, I break the bow portion of the false keel off.  Then I accidentally stabbed myself in the finger with my XACTO blade. Now this...


When I came home from work, I was excited to begin working; however, this excitement was short lived.  When I picked up the freshly glued keel/false keel assembly, I noticed that it was seriously twisted.  As I was working on each portion individually, I never noticed anything that would give me any indication that this was even a remote concern.


So it's time for my first question - I am using Titebond III.  What do I use to debond the glue?  I believe I have read that you use acetone.  Can I use nail polish remover or do I need a more concentrated solution? If I need a more concentrated solution, where can I purchase it?


Allow me to post some pictures so that you can see what I am talking about.


This first picture just is looking along the keel


This next picture shows the degree of the twist at the stern


This next photo shows the extent of the twist at the stem


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