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9 Pound Naval Cannon (1786) by AON - 1:12 scale - Finished

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I have been reading your post with some interest as I have dug out a project of two 32lb cannons which I started around 1995 when I was working on the restoration of HMS Victory.

The barrels have been turned from some original copper bolts from Victory and the carriage and plinth are from an oak deck beam that was inscribed with a date of 1811 from the post Battle of Trafalgar refit. If you look closely at the edge of the plinth you can see where the worm/beetle has left its calling card.

I intend to get these finished by the end of the year but will be leaving the copper and oak free of any paint due to their significance.

GCCO2701 IMG_1525

Your post has inspired me to complete these cannons and get them in a decent display case.





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I have finally corrected a major error with this build.  I kept telling people at the time I could not see the royal cypher, so I enlarged it and then painted it yellow ochre.


I had printed a new one piece barrel to replace my two piece.

At one of our local club meetings one member had mentioned I should paint this new barrel with several light coats of Beauty Tone Flat Black Enamel Acrylic paint.. I did this back in February 2019 and it looked great, except I still couldn't see the cypher.  He suggested highlighting it and any other proud items with a light brushing of a hint of a lighter shade of black (smokey grey).  I have procrastinated.... because I couldn't see it.


Well I have had cataract surgery in both eyes this August and September and now... I CAN SEE IT!


Today I touched up the  royal cypher and other proud items, removed the old barrel (tossed it in the trash), and mounted the new barrel.


Here are the results.  You can see the difference.


2 gun barrel mounted.jpg

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