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Piet Warmerdam

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Piet Warmerdam was for the last time online at MSW at 4 September.

Normaly he is online everyday so Anja and myself and Jan are a little worried.

Is there someone who has hear from him are can call him?

Or living close to him?

Netherlands is a little bit to far to bring him a visit.



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I too have my fingers crossed, Lou.  I did some "creative" googling...  Petrus is his first name and then I got his phone.  I'm 4 hours behind you east coasties...and have a few errands to run in the morning.  Hopefully, I'll have some time tomorrow  later in the day to call. 


I'll check here to see if anyone called before I try.


Edit... I had posted his full name and thought better of it.  But if you know his city, you can find it.

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Just a quick note


Piet returned my call just as he and I needed to go out the door for "Duties" I was not able to talk to him long as i was getting "The look" from the other half between looks at her watch!


Suffice to say he is OK and still going strong and only suffering from not enough hours in the day. I'm sure he will be here soon and bring some joy to all of us.

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The only problems with all the "Thanks Lou" replies is we should thank MARK. He was the one who bothered to look up Piet's phone#. All I did at first was send him an email, (that he did respond to later today as well). I didn't think of looking up his phone number. :huh:


He was the one who suffered though As when I got back home and had more time to talk I called him back and like a fool he answered! I don't think he will make THAT mistake again!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thank you all for your concern over little old me.  I am truly deeply touched and appreciate it very much.  This truly is a unique organization, there is none other like it.  I consider all part of my family, so again my heartfelt thanks to you all. 

I had a very nice chat with Lou after he came back from whatever he and his wife had to do. Thanks Lou it was a great diversion for me. 

Yes indeed, physically and mentally Gwen and I are doing quite well but there are a few things going on that keeps me away from the workbench.  Carl also send me a PM and I mentioned that we are okay, just tied up for a while.

The last few weeks have been rather difficult for me, emotionally.  I got in touch with a young lady in the Netherlands via Boris Mulenko in Russia, the fellow who made the model for Hr. Ms. Java I build.  In any case, this young lady happens to be the grand niece of the Commander of the "Java" he and my father served on and lost their lives.  She has been doing research for the last 2 years and came across my name right here on MSW.  She went through my entire build log of the "Java" and Boris e-mailed her my personal e-mail address.  

Building the model was already emotionally trying and now I am helping her with more information about what I know of the final hours of our close relatives.  

All this is effecting me more then I figured but I am very happy to be able in helping this young lady in closing many gaps in her quest for answers.  She has made a few contacts in Holland that can perhaps add some more info on her Great Uncle as well as my father and Gwen's father. My father had a daily close working relationship with the Commander on board the "Java" due to his additional function as Chef D`Equipage.  From what I remember my father relating some of these things I could now tell Bernadette van Straelen, my new found lady friend, which made her very happy.


So my friends, accept my apologies for staying away so long without a note.  As soon as I see an hour or so you can rest assured I'll log in and admire your handy work.


Cheers, Piet, the Flying Dutchman. 

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Thanks fellows for your kind thoughts.  My contact with Ms. van Straelen is a joy on the one hand but a real emotional merry go-around.  She being in Holland has more chances meeting people with connections and through them she'll be getting me in touch with those.  It may not clear up many questions we have mainly because not much is really known about what happened during the final hours of the battle in the Java Sea.  The one question she has is, how did her Great uncle die.  He did get get off the ship and was helped onto a small raft but was never seen again.  I have a pretty good idea but am very hesitant to reveal my thoughts on it. 

Yes, all this probing and reading all kinds of reports and my own analysis of the sinking of Hr. Ms. Java does effect me more then I figured.

Hope y'all understand.



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  • 2 years later...

Last time I talked to him on the phone he was climbing trees in his yard limbing them and doing a bunch of other stuff. He was in contact with a woman researcher in the Netherlands who was doing some kind of work on Adm Doorman.

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