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Merchant ship Mayflower by AntonyUK - FINISHED - as first built c.1600 in Harwich UK - all guess work

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Thanks for the likes and comments.

Sea Hoss.. Kind of name I like :)

Hi Nils. How are you doing ?? I like the new family member Casper.  Has he started picking up bits of wood and running with them ?? .. HE will.

Building a Half Model has its challenge's. As you can imagine. :blink:

Thanks again for looking in.


Regards Antony.



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Hi Anthony. 

Im a newbie helping to build a 1/12 model of Mayflower for Dartmouth’s celebration of Mayflower 400. 


So VERY interested in your experience. I read every word of your build log. Very useful. 


I see see you are also based in Devon. Perhaps we could meet up and swap notes?


Robert , Dartmouth UK

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Hi Robert. Did not check the post since October. 

Its been a while but she's all finished and turned out as I expected. 









































Just a little tidying of the edges and clean the dust off and she's ready to go.

Been a interesting build with Help from a lot of people from all over the globe.


Thanks for looking in.

Regards Antony.


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Hi and thank you all for your reply's. 

This model was built for the Plymouth Education and resource people. 

They will use it as a display Hopefully for the Mayflower 400/401 as I think this years celebrations have been put back a year.

Its been a Fun build all the way through. And had a lot of help with obtaining plans and books relating to the build.

Its been a interesting concept build a cross section of this type. The wife thinks I should do a cross section at the same scale with all the timbers in place.. No mast.


Regards Antony.

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Beautiful work, Anthony. A magnificent model.


On 9/7/2020 at 3:18 AM, AntonyUK said:

The wife thinks I should do a cross section at the same scale with all the timbers in place.. No mast.

Sounds like a good idea - assuming you are prepared to put the extra work in . . . :D

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