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I am building a model shipways Fair American and have been working on a few bits of kit bashing.

I like what rafine did with his build: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/1114-fair-american-by-rafine-model-shipways-kitbashed/page-3


he could only say that he had an old model railroad street light for his.


right now I have two different ones that are about right but each has some problems.


the two I have are  a set of Lionel lights part number 6-24156

and a set of Rail King / MTH part number 30-1062


of the two the Lionel are slightly smaller and closer to scale.  but they do not have the framework to look like metal strips that held the top and bottom together.  also they have a very simple top and bottom for the lamp.


the Rail King parts have a more ornate look , if they were just a bit smaller they would be perfect!


both are "O-Scale"  and the difference in size is very small.


So far what I have is using some of the parts from each I will have one lantern that I think will end up looking right.


I am replacing the bulb that came with them with a small yellow led that has a random flicker to look more like an oil lamp.


when I get time I will post some pictures of the two types of lamp and my results.


the final lantern will be part of my build, here is a link to my build log http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/28-fair-american-by-figuerres-modelshipways-148-kit/



Holding at Rigging stage :

MS Bluenose 1:64, rigging and finish work


Building Hull :

MS Fair American 1:48


In the yard:  18th Century Longboat, Model Shipways Kit

Done: AL Bounty Jolly Boat

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