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I have a small stock of black wood strip 4 x 1 mm left over from a build of Corels Unicorn where I substituted it  for another wood from choice.

Its quite nice to work, not a very hard wood but is a good black colour throughout - has anybody any idea what it is?

I would suspect a fairly standard wood dyed if it was not so even coloured internally.

I would quite like to get some more to plank my present Pickle build but I cant find any information on it

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I emailed Corel in Italy and got an overnight reply - well done those guys

Good morning,

the wood is “lime” and it’s dyed to be black.

If you are interested in, please let us know requested measures and quantity.

We’ll then send you an offer.


 So it is dyed but better than any dyed wood I have ever seen

I suspect that they wouldnt be interested in the small quantity needed for a single build - but I shall ask.


And thanks for that barkeater but in the States there is so much more choice than we have here - and you guys seem to all have fancy saws and planers and and ..


But here are a couple of pics - the wood has a slight surface sheen but is REALLY black - all the  way through so it can be cut and filed and worked.

Much easier than ebony and just as black but it is fairly soft as  you would expect from lime





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There was a recent post about a kit supplied plank material that was a yellow that Mother Nature would never have produced.  Turns out that the wood have been subjected to a dye process involving heat and pressure.   Cooking the wood in effect.  Sorta horrified me - the thought of doing that.

I can think of only two ways to get a dye to penetrate as deeply as you show and pressure/heat is one of them.


If Lime or Basswood is a species that meets your needs, why not cut, shape, and dry fit a plank of the natural wood, treat it to a wipe on of just water,

sand/scrape the surface, and then apply a black aqueous dye?  There are several products available - dry powders and a liquid concentrate.  One should get to the intensity that you desire.


The other deep penetration method = years ago there was a telemarketed product that was a food preservation tool - a hand vacuum  pump and seal that was a piece of tape with rubber section in the middle.  It also had two metal disks to act as lids for bowels, with hole in the center for the one way tape seal.  An additional feature presented was that if a marinade volume and the meat or veg target was subjected to a vacuum, the marinade penetrated quickly and deeply - much more than just soaking overnight in the frig could do.   A hand trigger vacuum pump is easy to obtain,  a tall Mason jar with lid, figure out a way to connect the hose from the pump to a hole in the lid - narrow mouth jar on its side - not so much volume of dye needed - this might could get the deep penetration without denaturing the wood.


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The reality is that this wood comes in Corels Unicorn Kit  and i have had some spare for years - never knew what it was but I set out to do this present build with "fancier" wood! and a black wood without painting sort of fitted the part so I started using it and then followed that up.  I was intrigued because i had never seen such "all through" dye.

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