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HMS Victory cross section by kostas_gr - FINISHED - Corel - 1:98 Scale

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I have always wanted  to build a cross section, and since my next build will be HMS victory, so I have chosen corel's Victory and corel's victory cross section in 1:98 scale.

I 've been told, that corel's kit is quite old and in some parts outdated.

some pictures from cargohold, I have added pump house, shot holder621866010_cargohold01.thumb.jpg.3920aa0b1d2696fee6fe3c34b5e7c046.jpg1150554619_cargohold02.thumb.jpg.c256e11ef16c655ae0b42b5a75c0debc.jpg927089019_cargohold03.thumb.jpg.905f78b02e1a0dd2736e166c395d4728.jpg and hull ribs



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after finishing hull rib, and install pump house etc, I made a mistake and I had to remove it

I had to rebuild it again, but it was very hard to put it again where it was, so I cut it in two parts and tried to install it

as it shown in picture there are gaps. Those gaps will be not shown when is finished because of the rocks I will place in cargohold1465555660_missedhullribs.thumb.jpg.b5a78954fed713d1177c3af089404b90.jpg

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Preparing stones to add ballast in cargohold. I cleaned them first and oiled them later to get more vivid color


I will prefer the grey or black stones, but I will use multiple colors. I will place larger stones on bottom, and smaller on top. I am gluing them one by one. 



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Corel's kit is providing brass holders for the deck pillars that actually dont look very nice, so I have tried to replace them with wooden holders.

The first try was much better than the original pillars, but the result is not what I was expecting, so I tried to add some woodwork to make them look ore realistic (final attempt)





5 decks, with 6 pillars each.... 30 pillars...

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