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Humming bird - card - Scherft - 1:1


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Didn't want to do ship tonight.

So I downloaded another bird (johan Scherft design)

It is a humming bird, real size, so it is small. Almost too small for my fingers.

5There is a slightly larger version on the scherft-website, I should have started that one......

 I thought I took pictures of all parts and stages, but no, I did not. But I guess you get the point from the ones I did take.

the little guy needs some paint on his beak, and some of the sides need some paint to tone down the white lines a little bit.


I still need to think of a stand, as this one does show a bird in flight..... I guess that the final pic (with stand), will take the usual delay.


IMG_0152.thumb.jpg.09979f563fbea5e301039a20bf088626.jpg IMG_0540.thumb.jpg.4f04cc7ff1a91fef41b6f33cfa39dac7.jpg IMG_0541.thumb.jpg.79eb3ee5b8ca526609e6c031e7d56de7.jpg IMG_0542.thumb.jpg.bc05db14f17e8756c5f072f9ca3d3ec6.jpg IMG_0152.thumb.jpg.2f5df356855cadbc204d2ca8e8dd03f6.jpg IMG_385.jpg.6074fe11edbe51e5d3021ddef6f72c98.jpg 

IMG_0545.jpg.6522a179676aa4206a719309e8f1fd89.jpg IMG_0546.jpg.73a018be57caee6e76202763a26f0c5e.jpg


Have a nice weekend,







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2 hours ago, amateur said:

Must be fun, seeing these small birds. I only know them from pictures, and stuffed.....

They are fun to watch, and surprisingly ornery for such small creatures. Gram for gram, they're probably the most aggressive birds on the planet. I've only seen a few here in South Carolina, but in California we had them year-round. They were quite unconcerned about visiting our feeder while I held it in my hand.

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