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Wooden yard question

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54 minutes ago, Antonio Vasquez said:

the molded ring at the end of the yard

When I did mine I used some thin wall brass tubing cut to the width of the ring on the spar.  The tubes came as a set that had several different diameters that telescoped into each other so there was usually a suitable size that will fit tight.


1 hour ago, Antonio Vasquez said:

two flat protrusions at the center

    Here are two options here.  You can take some hardwood strips of the approximate size, cut to approximate length, glued in place on the face of the spar, and when the glue has set take a fine file and shape as needed. 

    I remember that there was someone with a log on WSM (can't remember who offhand) who drilled a few holes through the spar for the ones on both sides of the spar , squared out the holes and slipped a strip of hardwood of the appropriate size thru the squared out holes.  After the glue set he filed the protruding ends of the wood strip to the shape needed.  For the ones near the center, just don't drill all the way through. 

    I would definitely recommend the use of maple or birch in either case.  Hope one of these methods works for you as well as it did for me.;)

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46 minutes ago, mtaylor said:

Will the masts be painted?   If so, for the rings, paper can be used.  If not, still paper but black as think those rings were usually metal.  The pieces in the center, use some scrap wood, thin wood.   Glue into place.

Yes they will be painted,  i’m currently waiting for some primer to come in the mail ,  i’m not sure I understand how to make the rings out of paper.

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FWIW the sling cleats in the center don't look quite right and I doubt very much that there would be the partial ring shown on the kit yard to attach to the mast.  The yards would likely use parrels and or some type of sling.  The cleats at the end of the yard should hold up well with just gluing them on with carpenter's glue, no need to make a slot.  There are Connie experts on this forum and can probably share more details with you.  Be sure to rig the various buntline blocks, lift blocks, brace pendants, etc. to the yard before putting the yards to the masts. It is much easier to seize these to the yards while off the model.

Good luck on your build!!




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There is a fitting that looks something like this on every yard:


This fitting both helps secure the yard to the mast an allows it to stand off the mast a bit.

The surface that bears against the mast is leathered.


I will look to see if I have any pictures of the yards to show the details of the yoke and cleats.



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When I made those fittings for the yards that Henry shows I used strips of basswood that I filed the shapes into, then cut them to length and just glued them to the yards with some spots of medium CA in between areas of wood glue. Some final filing after the glue dried and they were fine.

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I've got some pictures to show you of the Constitutions topsail, topgallant, and royal yards.  Hopefully you can see the fittings for the yoke and parrel arrangement.  Also shown are the yardarm cleats and fittings for the outer studdingsail boom irons, as well as the sheaves for the sheets.  The horses and stirrups are attached to the yards.  At the center of the yards you can see the additional wood padding out the center section with the halliard blocks.  There are no quarter cleats on the front of the yards.  On the top mast yard, in addition to the iron jackstays there seems to be another rope one.  Not sure what the purpose for this rope stay is.  Perhaps it is for use as a man rope or hand hold for working aloft.  This is the only sail that currently gets set on the ship.  Also seen in the center section of the topsail yard is the net-like bunt gasket.  Hanging from underneath the yards are additional blocks with their rose lashings above.


I hope you find these useful.






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