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Possible New Hobby


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Greetings all


first and foremost I would like to say that so far the people on here are extremely talented and seem to be ver y helpful. the completed and in progress builds I have browsed through are incredible. absolute works of art.


I have been in and out of modeling for about 30 years. started with cars and then moved onto military vehicles for a bit. stopped for a few years then started miniature military figures, landscapes, and then fantasy figures. I have always loved all forms of arts or crafts of any kind and have dabbled in so many hobbies that my true friends think I am a bit mentally unstable and that there is not a hobby I have not tried. 


now the story will get a bit interesting. so I have never really been into ship. I love the look of them and the detail in most of the historical tall ships of past. And of corse who couldn't love Pirates of The Caribbean. 


my family has been having a annual gingerbread house friendly competition for the past four years (told you it would get weird). this years them was Disney. anything Disney created, related, whatever. I chose Pirates of the Caribbean, specifically the Black Pearl. Now how in the world am I going to make a gingerbread Black Pearl you may ask. Well I asked myself that also. 


after attempting cardboard stacked and cut and a few other things I began to order model ship making books. Ship modeling Simplified, Ship Modeling from Stem to Stem and a few others. Yes I went this far to bake a gingerbread house/ship. 


I then found some Black Pearl plans online and proceeded to the local hobby store to buy some balsa wood. So it began. I cut out the keel and the bulkhead frames and away I went lacing and glueing. 


I felt that in order the make the baked ship I had to make a model ship mock up. 


well after all was said and done I now want to dive in and attempt one of these miniature works of art. I am still in the process of deciding which kit to start with but this site is absolutely assisting with that.


I apologize for the long winded post but wanted to get all that out there sooner than later. 


I really appreciate this site and all the wealth of knowledge that is to be found here.


Happy Building to all

Best Regards


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