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when sails not used

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Good evening Scott,

The following sail rigging shown on period ship models is normally left on with the upper yards lowered to the caps.


Sheets and Clewlines,they help to hold the yards down. Buntlines,Leechlines and Reefing tackles if fitted,an overhand knot

is tied at the rope ends and the lines pulled up to their respective leading blocks on the yard. Bowlines are not always

shown but if so,they are hitched to their respective yards.


Hope this is of some help.


Dave :dancetl6:



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A couple of months ago I did some repairs to som damaged rigging on one of the Rogers Collection models at the US Naval Academy museum, the brig PILOT. The model has no sails and the running rigging was as Dave indicated. Knots were tied in the bitter ends and the they were drawn up to their respective blocks. 



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thanks    it looks like the lower braces are kept taut while the upper 2 braces are left with some slack.

very helpful.  i made the ocre terror and the latina virginia  with full sails, but the rattlesnake which will be my next build will be rigged without sails and upper yards lowered.  again thanks for the pics. 

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If you’re wondering about the Braces, they are ALL going to be fairly tight. In port the crew want the ship to give a neat appearance and will put time and effort into squaring the yards as close to 90 degrees as possible. If any braces anywhere in the rig are slack the yards they’re on will swing. In one of the photos above, the nearer of two ships has her yards braced up hard so that the other vessel can raft up on her, but all the Braces will still be tight for the same reason:if any are loose the yards will swing.

Underway with sails set, the leeward Braces will be tighter than the windward ones, to keep the sail trim.

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On 12/15/2018 at 7:13 AM, SpyGlass said:

On small builds it can be an interesting feature to rig the running rigging - without the sails - just with the lines that would have been attached to the sail connected to each other - totally incorrect of course!

    Yes, but you get a better view of the sail rigging without the sails blocking your view.  You just have to use your imagination a little bit.;)

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Well.... having nice sail control rigging doesn't always mean it has to be completely blocked by the sails.


When sails are removed you lose some additional rigging  namely the buntlines and clews.


You only get to see the rigging from the aft aspect...if it is done correctly, you can still enjoy it with sails set.






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It is good practice (which was not always followed, of course, depending on how much the mate/master cared) to tighten all rigging in harbour and as far as possible at sea. Any unnecessarily loose rigging will wear and spar etc. will bang around, when the ship is moving, which can be a nuisance to one's own crew and the neighbours.

This may be only modern yacht practice, but halliards and other ropes running along masts are usually tied together and away from the mast in order prevent them slapping against the mast when the wind gets into them, the noise of which can be ennerving.

Tying together halliards, sheets and so on in a triangle in mid-air seems to have been navy practice. Apart from looking neat, it also keeps the ropes suspended and hence drier than when hanging/lying somewhere coiled up.

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thanks for all the suggestions. im still a novice at this so it can be a bit overwhelming.  im near the toronto area but because pretty every hobby shop does not carry wooden ship kits i have to order online. the canadian dollar is in the toilet {as usual} and with the exchange rate and shipping its almost double to order anywhere but amazon. i did order the terror direct from ocre but with exchange,shipping and duties it was just  too much . sorry, i got off topic. i wonder why in the plans they cant show rigging with sails and rigging without sail . anyway, thanks again for all, the advice and pictures.{ rob, some nice work on the sails on your glory of the seas }.



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