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"Revellution" funny car by popeye the sailor - FINISHED - Revell - 1:16

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I woke up yesterday with an insatiable urge to dig into this kit of the 'Ed McCulloch' Revellution funny car.   my longing to build another one of these beauties has come to fruition :)    back in the 70's I lived in Florida.   at the time,  I was into balsa flying aircraft and car models.   I can't tell you how many car models I had...all I know is that they filled a two sided base partition cabinet,  that the company I worked for built {if only I had a picture}........{I used to have a few}.  I had built one that I call the 'English Leather' funny car.........can't make out the actual name of it.


I've not been able to find another one...........I was likely in my late twenties when I built it.   I happened onto the website old model kits . com one day,  and have been a steady follower ever since.   I've bought a few models from them so far,  and have been satisfied with the quality.   they are old kits and they are up front on their condition and quality control.   I saw this one model that peaked my interest......but it was not the same,  so I held off pull'in the trigger.   Christmas was around the corner,  me and the admiral were throwing ideas at one another.......we do for each other throughout the year,  so it's hard to come up with that "Christmas wish list".   I jotted this model and two 1:24 scale British Spads on a piece of paper,  and left it on her desk.   Christmas morning........I opened my presents to find this!



the Revellution funny car is 1:16 scale..........the finished model is 12 inches long.   it has a real rubber accessory drive belt,  real rubber tires,  hoses and wiring for the ignition system.  according to the preface on the instructions,  Revell teamed up with Ed McCulloch to produce as replica a model as possible.  the AA/FC nitro burning monster was one of the top machines back in 1973.  though their looks really haven't changed much,  technology and safety features have,  in an effort to make the sport safer,  as they strive to go faster.   the beginning of the log is kinda disheveled....I don't have an open box for ya to see all the goodies that are packed inside.  I'll have to show you as I go along.  I was hesitant to post it,  but that what this forum is all about........that,  and I figured you gear heads would get a kick out of it  :D   so.........I'll go git the tool box an' meet cha out in the driveway  ;) 

    ohhhhhh...........the General!?!?!?!  that's another beauty.............if you enjoy this log,  I'll post it too........no......I mean next.   gotta watch me grammer.........don't want cha ta think I'm totally looney!!! :blink:

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so yea.........I started to tinker with it at first light.........start the year off with a bang!   the kit is in really good shape.......a little concerned about the decals,  but I'll try one of the smaller decals first {one I can copy},  to see if they will be OK.   the kit was produced in 1988.......mold stamped on the lower body pan.  kinda ticks me off though,  that they would stamp the part numbers on most of the parts themselves......and the sprues too.   now I have to scrape them off the areas that can be seen and sand them 'gone'.    at this time,  I will assemble all the components that can be painted as a whole,  and then detail from there.  starting with the body,  the grille and rear deck was cemented in place.


both of these models sport the Plymouth Duster body.   it's based on the 1970 Plymouth Duster 340 coupe {two door} model.

1970_Plymouth_Valiant_Duster_340_(27366262585)_(cropped).jpg.ad1f3cce186f755065630586c448d6b7.jpg   1970-plymouth-duster-340-photo-319727-s-original-photo-459561-s-original.jpg.c56b5f648783128613d3f5ae5a6df928.jpg

setting the body aside,  the basic parts for the engine block were pulled out.    the block halves,  the oil pan,  the heads,  and the timing cover,  were assembled and sanded,  readied for paint.




the intake manifold and supercharger are to be different colors.....with the intake being one color,  the supercharger was assembled separately.  here it is shown on the intake.


the chassis / roll cage was next to be assembled....just the frame for now.   there was a bit of  disappointment in seeing the two main frame parts being warped.   gotta come up with a plan to straighten it.


while thoughts were forming,  I was looking for two other parts for the supercharger.......I had my suspicions :ph34r:  yup!   there they were.........on the chrome sprue......bother!  I don't know 'bout chu.......but there are some parts that ya wish they wouldn't include to be chromed!  I was never a huge fan concerning chrome anyway........in a lot of instances,  it kind of takes away from the model.  in these more modern times,  paints have been developed that look better than being chromed.   it looks terrible after the sprue connections are cleaned, along with any flash and mold lines,  and looks even worse touched up with silver {before they came out with chrome silver}.


this is a plate that sits on top of the supercharger and the induction plate {w/ no butterfly detail}.  a molded fuel rail will envelope the induction plate once assembled on the supercharger.   there is no color designation for the plate,  but there is for the induction plate......and it's a different color.  so the chrome must be removed from the parts.......I refuse to paint over it.   I use brake fluid to remove the chrome.......depending on the age of the model,  will decide on how fast it will work.........takes longer for the newer models.


so let's see..........8:30 AM..........and counting.   the frame was assembled to reveal just how warped it was.


adding the rest of the roll cage and the fuel cell shelf,  it cured it a little,  but it was still badly warped.   while it was still susceptible {the glue still setting},  an alignment rack was devised to arrest the frame to correct the warpage.   simple really.........


using the base for the Arizona project {it's still alive, BTW}......the frame,  as can be seen,  is held down with rubber bands,  while the front suspension bar is held down with clothes pins.   this will sit for the night.......I'll check it in the AM.   setting this aside,  the tape was removed from the body,  and was sanded to remove mold lines and other malformations.   attention was given to the front grille and rear deck as well.


you might be able to see a gap.....more like a slot,  towards the center of the hood........don't know what that's all about....it was molded that way.   I filled it with glue and will let it dry......I'll fix it later.   I also added glue to the four corners.......dab on a thin line of glue and wipe,  to fill in the cracks.




I tried to sand here,  at this corner..........not quite to the safe point yet.   as I was doing this,  I got a sense that I was doing more than I did for the English Leather.........maybe I learned something.......who knows >shrug< ;)    it was at this point,  when I began noticing all the part numbers on the parts....why in the blue blazes did they do that!?!?!  as with the English Leather,  the inner body panels was a huge question mark.  there is a front panel and a rear panel,  where the chassis hooks to {frame / roll cage}.  in the close position,  the frame nestles in slots carved out on the front inner panel.  there is another huge panel that encloses the cockpit and roll cage.  these need to line up,  so the body will sit properly on the chassis.  these parts were cleaned up and dry fitted in place.


I can't find out any more until tomorrow,  so I guess this would be a good place to stop.   I have other car models I built over this past year......those are 1:25 scale.   if interested,  you can see the logs at:    http://wenzelsautobody.wordpress.com/          

    you'll find the Batmobiles there too.........as a matter of fact,  I gotta get moving and finish the Adam West Batmobile!  

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I'd say that the home made alignment rack was a big success!   the frame dried as straight as I'm going to get it!



I think once the weight of the engine and later the body gets added,  all four wheels will be on mother Earth!  yesterday,,,,,,I seemed to have forgotten the dilemma........there are tabs on the inside of the body.   these panels must sit on the correct side of the tabs,  or the body won't sit on the frame correctly.  the rear tabs are already decided........with the cockpit panel in place,  the large tab on the rear panel must connect to it.   it needs to sit on the forward side of the tabs, closest to the rear wheels.   as I found with this dry fit,  the front inner body panel must sit forward of the tabs,  closest to the front wheels.   taping the panels in place,  the frame was added to the dry fit.



I'll confirm this once the fuel cell is in place on the frame.


though the frame looks a tiny bit off here,  both sides of the body panel are sitting on the frame.


those two rods are braces for the front part of the body,  to keep it from flexing.   if you've ever seen one......you'll never forget it.   they are loud.......... and if your there watching them heat up the tires.........the smell of the chloride rubber smoke will burn your nostrils and eyes,  and make it really hard to breathe.   they had a jet engine funny cay at New England drag way.........such an awesome sight!   well......gotta go see about obtaining some brass strip

     speaking of strip.........how are my two little strip teasers doing?


they don't look quite done yet.........I'll shake 'em around a bit and try for a better view......    hey!   this bottle isn't sealed very good ! :o   it's OK...just a little bled out through the cap!  glad I had a double thick paper towel handy!  ;) 


oh well.....can't seem to get a better look than this :(    I have stiff brushes to clean them.....I'll do it when I get back.   here's one more shot of the body........thanks for look'in and hope ya like what ya see :) 


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Ah, brings back fond memories of Saturday nights and sometimes Sundays at the drag strip.   The funny cars and the AA Fuel dragsters were loud and the burnout burned the eyes and lungs...  and the smell of the nitro fuel.   


Looking good so far, Denis.  Looks like you'll do a bang up job on this one.

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thanks Mark........I hope so.  so far,  it's look'in OK..........it's not fitting together too badly.   I'm concerned about the corners.....but on most older cars,  they have a natural seam in these areas,  so as long as I can get rid of any tiny gaps, they'll look OK.   more progress soon.


thanks for the likes :) 

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these are neat cars to build Carl........the only problem with these kits,  is you build one,  you've built them all.  same with the rail dragsters......they are basically the same.  there are some variants though.....different classes of cars.  if I were solely building these models,  I'd have to mix it up to keep sane  ;)     thanks for the good word!


the base plastic is a metal flake blue.......sad that I'm going to paint over it.  the body however,  is white plastic.   the English Leather model had a purplish colored plastic.   I remember the Jungle Jim.......I believe there's a model produced of it......Don Prudomme's Snake was another.   I use Testor's decal bonder for decals......I learned way back when,  when I built the second Cutty Sark.   I got it from E-Bay.......the decals were bad,  as well as the sail sheets.   I did a missing parts request to Revell.......got a new decal sheet and two of the three sail sheets.  thinking my troubles were over,  I went to use the decals,  and found that they were just as old and had developed micro cracks......they too were no good.   I searched around trying to find some place that could recreate the decals.......no from here........no from there..........then I hit onto this one guy,  by the name of Parkes {I think his first name was Jim,  but don't quote me}.  he said he could do it......send him a picture of the decals.   a while later,  and a lot of excuses,  he said he couldn't do it,  because he couldn't print gold.   DUH>>>>>>>>>>>no one can print gold.....ink jets can't even do white!  by this time,  I had stumbled onto the Testor's decal maker,  and the rest is history.   I first bought the basic program.......problem is,  that you can't import images.  so I bought the standard edition......I can now import images,  but the program is flawed.....it does seem to have a transparency issue.  the max DPI on an ink jet printer is 600 DPI, I think it needs to be higher.  but I've been living with it,  and so far,  it's been working out.  I went through some hassle to make the decals for the Cutty,  they are on her none the less  ;)   the decal bonder comes with the basic kit,  or it can be purchased separately.

     so anyway.......I haven't laid any paint yet.........it's just the color plastic they used.   these larger model kit are done in multi color plastics.......odd they do that,  if only to make it easier for someone to build the model without much painting.  usually when they add a color to plastic, it makes the plastic weaker and softer,.....not the case with this model though........this plastic is tough as nails!  makes it harder to trim too.....not that there's a lot of flash.

    I've heard about the microsol stuff.....I've been a Testor's man for too long,  me thinks.  I'll have a look see.........thanks for the tip :)   and thanks for look'in in!

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wow!......I can't believe I've forgotten about them......the parts in the brake fluid!  they have been sitting on my desk all this time.  I'd say they had a good couple day soak.   time to get'em out of there!   oh my........they are like prunes!


a small bowl bath of hot water and Dawn dish soap was drawn.   they got a good scrubbing with a small metal bristled brush......the kind you'd get at a part store.  once rinsed off and dried,  they look none the worse for wear.   the Chrome is gone to reveal black plastic.


these two parts will later be cemented together and painted the same color........combined,  they make up the air induction port of the supercharger.

    I'm sure there are other parts that will need to be de-chromed.   I've used this method for years........best of all,  it won't damage the part.  one worry to keep in mind............parts can go down the drain {don't ask me how I know this}. :rolleyes:

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I took today off...........I hear by call this a 'paint' day :)    to start this session off.......a few decisions.   a few more parts are to be de chromed.   the firewall is to be Blue....I don't like to paint over chrome.   since they don't suggest a color for the frame,  I'll be painting it either gloss or flat black.                 so......into the jar it goes.  the bell housing was next to go in....that I will paint blue instead.  the last thing to go in at this time will be the drive tube,  that connects the clutch linkage {gearbox} to the differential.


so...while these are stewing,  I get to some painting and more assembly.   those two parts.....the air induction and the induction plate,  were sitting on the platform of my crane light.   they were cemented together,  since they will be painted in one color......and so I won't lose them ;) 


the rims were assembled next.


the cockpit brace was also cemented in place.   the frame,  was undergoing some straightening at the time,  so I couldn't install it.


the cock pit was fitted a while after this part had time to dry......it will be painted soon.   here is the contents of the bag,  included in the kit.   hoses,  wires {don't know what the length of braided rope is for},  and of course,  the tires.   the tires are really thin rubber.......I noticed the heavy mold line that runs the circumference of the slicks.......gonna be a real pain to get rid of it.


the drive belt is there too.........I already mounted the front tires.  I wanted to see if they would spread out enough to bead properly.   in the event that they don't,  I may have to stuff them with tissue,  to make the sidewalls fill out more.   the differential has been cemented together at this time as well, being a halved assembly.   I left it to be chrome,  in spite of the sprue marks that were left after trimming.   I'll see if I have some chrome silver handy.

     on the box,  it showed red ignition wires.......mine are going to be yellow,  I guess.   I looked on the decal sheet,  but I don't see a decal for Accel  wires........perhaps I'll make one of the logo and add it.   Accel 8.8 spiral core wires........$90.00 over at the Speedway Motor Auto Parts store :)   I set to work on the slicks......as I feared,  I'm not going to get it all out.  I don't want to get too aggressive......the rubber is really thin.  the fronts still need to be done,  but I got the road surface of the slicks all roughed up.   the line can still be seen,  but not as much of a eyesore as they were....there's no line on the front tires.


they suggest the engine to be gloss black,  but I mixed up a nice Plymouth Blue for it.   I will compare it,  but it {almost,  if not exact} will match the Grabber Blue that I intend to paint the body with.   the bell housing will be the same color.


the intake is painted copper,  and the supercharger is painted flat steel {I didn't know it,  but I have aluminum}.


the fuel cell was to be silver.......but it will be painted in the same blue......it will even out the chassis.  here are also the other parts that goes to it.


the pulleys were added to the painted pile........I also noted that the pulley for the supercharger will be painted the same color,  so I added it and then painted it.


I mentioned that the transmission gear box is in a protective wrap.   MAN!!!!.....if this ever blows,  I hope it's strong enough to stop the pieces from flying!   it's located right between the driver's legs!   suggested to be black,  I thought I'd do something a bit different.....it will be gloss tan with silver bands on both ends.


OK....so we have copper,  flat steel,  silver.........now for  bit of gold to accent the plumbing for the fuel,  brake,  and oil systems.


last,  but not least,  I started to detail the cock pit....the seat will be painted flat tan.   the gear box shroud is beside it,  already painted gloss tan and one of the bands is on it.


at one point near the end of this session,  I realized that the fire extinguisher is to be painted red.........that too was chromed :(   so........in the hopper it went.....both halves!   more on the project soon  :)   thanks for looking in and thanks for the likes👍 




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Darn you... this brings back many memories... I may have to go look for a kit, now.


As I recall those engines were usually painted black for heat dissipation or left bare metal.  Most of that era were aluminum and came out (I hope I got this right) Keith Black's shop.  There was another engine maker (blocks) that was popular but the name escapes me.  BTW, the blowers back then were steel.  Late 70's I think, the NHRA allowed them to be aluminum.  The originals blowers (for non-gear heads) were used by GMC large diesels.   


Slicks.. what we used to do was mount them to the wheel, and then spin slowly while holding some very fine sandpaper to the tire.  


Nice touch on the scatter shield.  The brown looks like the "blanket" they wrapped the armor grade steel with as additional protection.  It wasn't kevlar but did have (as I recall) some sort of mesh inside.



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Hey guys...had to jump in here, I agree with Mar,k definitively dej vu.   You all are thinking of Ed Pink, he was the other big elephant mill builder back in the day...always thought it was kinda cool that both had last names of colors...I gotta couple half built 1/24 scale kits somewhere...this could initiate a search through my pile o stuff

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thanks for the info and the kind comments........I have always enjoyed racing car models.  as mentioned,  the only bad thing is that they can become repetitive.   especially if your only building same brand kits....like Revell....etc.   never knew about the engine color.....some kit suggested different colors, but I tend to paint the engines,   colors that relate to the make of the body {in this case}.   Chevy:  black,  blue,  or orange.......ford:  red,  or black...... and for Dodge,  Chrysler,  Plymouth:  lite blue,  red,  orange,  or a sort of olive green.  same goes for of the parts......like oil filters.  Chevy: A/C Delco blue,  Fram orange,  Purolator White,  Ford:  Motorcraft red {Fomoco as they were called many years ago}........you get the idea ;)   

   these slicks are different Mark........I'd have to stuff them in order to do that.   they are thin and flimsy......really soft.  the center would fold inward if you put any pressure on them.  I stuck a finger inside when I sanded them......it worked out.  I still need to do the front tires,  but I'll have a better time of it because they seem a tiny bit stiffer.  I'm not a big fan of chrome.......model companies tend to pick the oddest parts to be chromed.  for some reason,  the supercharger wasn't on the Chrome sprue {Yeaaaaaa!}.......I didn't have to de chrome it,  but I've never really seen it any other color.  I used a flat steel on it,  although I found out that I have a tin of Aluminum and Bronze,  courtesy of the paint deal I made with Lou.......could've gone either way.  if anyone looked into the Wenzel's autobody site,  they would have seen the Batmobile that Michael Keaton drove.....I de chromed over 3/4 of the sprue for that model.  whoever saw the Batmobile with that much chrome....riddle me this?!?!?!  you'll see how I dressed up the 'scatter shield'....I think it looks better than flat black.......update in  moment....I worked on it some more :) 


that's what I used to do when I was a kid HOF.........save my money and then visit my friends over at the Manchester '606 store'!   I remember when I walked out of there with my first Revell Constitution......saved up a whole $89.99 for it.  joined the Revell 'model of the month' club and everything!  boy,  was I a fool!  :D   my other big love back then was planes :wub:


what color was the engine Ken?  haven't heard the word MOPAR  in quite a while ;)   makers of that wonderful slant L6 cylinder engine.....what a paint to pull out.........I had to do one at the garage {many moons ago}.


I thought this would invoke some memories J.........the '70s was big for car model enthusiasts.......so many models!  I know I keep mentioning oldmodelkits,com,  but if you want to take a walk through nostalgia land,  go there.  you definitely will not be in Kansas anymore! ;)   I've bought a few kits lately......built them in 2017......the Revell 'Jukebox Ford',  the MPC 'Soapy Sales',  and the AMT  'Chazoom' Corvair.  the Soapy Sales is based like this model,  but it's a 1:25 scale model.......a lot smaller.  the body on this model is 12 inches long.  the Jukebox Ford is a Pro Modified class and is set up differently.   it was also a problematic model,  due to poor fit.  I was a little hesitant about posting this project,  but a model this size...and the added bells and whistles ........I figured was kinda cool,  and someone might gt a kick out of it :)    glad your looking in........hope you do pull one of thse models out.........very therapeutic ;)  

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Glad you did did decide to post...like I said I got a couple, both converts from Revell kits, one is intended to be the Vega campaigned by Jim"Jungle Jim" Lieberman, and the other Lew Arington's, Brutus Mustang...got into super detailing the engines and lost steam after that...this may just prompt me to resurrect them, finding them will be the hard part

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..........PFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! just got back in from taking Gibbs out and shoveling the driveway.   yea,  we've been on the receiving end of the storms that were moving across the country.  so far,  all we've been seeing has been the weaker side of them.......I send my good wishes to the western side of the country and hope you folks are fairing well,  in the face of adversity.


I did a bit more work last night......on the engine,  the intake,  supercharger and pulleys are added to the block.



the fuel cell is assembled and painted..........kind of a gap on the front side.....I'll close it with CA and touch it up later once it's dry.


that's about it for the evening...........     this morning when I got up,  I took a look at the de chroming vat........vert happy with what I saw!


the drive tunnel parts look like they are totally de chromed.......can't get a good look at the fire wall,  since it's buried under everything else.


the bell housing is looking pretty crusty...it will be easy to remove the loose stuff.


even the fire extinguisher parts are ready to go.......I gotta be careful with one of them.   one side of the bracket flanges is cracked to some degree,  and possibly the only thing holding it on was the chrome.   I also noticed that the tie rod was broken.........I've already removed it from the sprue and repaired it,  but I have a feeling that I may need to repair it with a length of brass rod....we'll see how that goes.    I will clean them later.......it will have to be later,  because I need to take the admiral to the dentist.......she's having an issue :(   blew her away that I would suggest going to see Dr. Beshay! {love that guy!}.  so anyway.........a little more painting was done this morning........the oil filters....and I did a little more sanding to the frame,  to get rid of a few more mold lines.  the breathers have been added to the valve covers.


you can see the little areas that I will need to touch up...try to make them as small as possible.  around the seat has been painted.....the chute has been assembled and painted,  and the 'splatter shield'....or as I call it,  the 'gearbox shroud',  his now totally painted with both of the silver bands.


it not a chrome silver,  but it came out pretty good on the shroud.   if it looks that good on the other chrome parts,  it won't be that much of an eyesore.bye :) 

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I've seen the Jungle Jim........don't recall the other.   if you find 'em,  you can post a picture of them........love to see where your at with 'em.  I used to watch them on TV .......rail dragsters were the scariest.   I even seen a supercharger explode........straight up in the air,  taking the windshield out along with it!  we got back from the dentist.........the admiral had two teeth removed,  so I'm play'in nurse at the moment.  she's OK........got more work that needs to be don though......she takes care of her teeth,  so it comes as kind of a surprise.   but as I told her....she gotten older {never say that, not even in jest} :blink:  

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I'll do that, wont be till next week though, in the mean time here's a couple pics from my library to wet your appetite...




from when fire burnouts were the thing!!


and here I though you knew better then to speak thus to the better half, when they are incapacitated they're like a wounded aminal :stunned: 

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If you get into more than a single model car project, you might want to consider buying: 1. Molotow chrome paint marker (easy to find on Amazon), and 2. A gallon jug of Super Clean product from Wally World, in the automotive section.


The Molotow chrome paint markers come in various tip sizes and recreates "chrome" splendidly. Even if you don't do much or any model cars, this will come in handy when you want a highly polished metal appearance. 

The Super Clean will strip chrome off plastic parts faster than you can say, Bob's your uncle. It is also an excellent model paint stripper, and safe on plastics even clear parts. It's normal use is as a degreaser and is excellent for that, but just remember, it will remove paint so you have to be careful where you use it. I always wear latex gloves if I have to get my hands in it as it will really do some unpleasant weird things to bare skin.


It's great to see you doing this old funny car. Will enjoy following your build of it.

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Hey Denis...did some digging and per your request here are pics of the two 1/25 scale Revell funnys...The Vega started life as the Pisano and Mitsubra Vega, the Mustang was originally Ray Beadle's Blue Max...the original plan was to display the cars together...like I said earlier I got hung up with the engine details and lost steam, so here are the pics of the progress


Throttle linkage


fuel distribution block and lines


magneto and plug wires & throttle return spring


fuel pump



Brutus Mustang body


after market Slixx decals




The Vega details are much the same...though I plumbed the upper manifold fuel delivery lines as soft lines as opposed to the hard line on the Mustang, they are exactly the same engine


Much to my chagrin, the Vega body sustained some damage in storage


but some judiciously applied heat and a cold water bath took care of most of it


and the Slixx decals


That's it, now that these are out of the shadows I may have to push on and finish them...

Denis, sorry this post is so long, thanks for the inspiration!



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added pics
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no matter on the posting J.........thoroughly enjoyed the pictures and story :)   that's what these logs are all about!  I kinda wish some of the plastic molded lines were like yours........I like the braided look to them  ;)   I'll have to check out Slixx Decals......thanks for making the text so legible  ;)  good fix on the roof as well........looked almost hopeless :o......sorry.......I tend to tear up when I see a model in pain 😭  I've heard of the Blue Max.....I believe it is an actual kit.......I'll check that out {has some cool decals}.  the scratch detailing is a nice touch too.  you should finish them......heck.....when your done,  you can post them here :)   here are the three I have built so far........the Jukebox Ford.......I'd have to take another picture of the complete model,  but I had the hood too far back in the ones I took.


some of the decals didn't make it on either.......pain in the tookus.  not shown, but I made some NOS decals for it.   the Soapy Sales........the one thing I regret,  is not painting the interior of the body.  didn't go nuts on it either.


here's the Chazoom corvair.... I didn't think I'd like this model,  but I had fun building it.   the engine for it is in the Soapy Sails background there......



the striping was supposed to go across the entire top part of the body,  so I made some decals and did this instead.   gassers are fun to do too..the use of metal flake works well with them.   I used a burgundy metal flake on the Jukebox.......it helped that I first gave the body a coat of red primer.


I think your right Ken........the admiral is doing much better today.  we pride ourselves on being truthful with one another........even at the cost of getting one's head bitten off  :D   we do sympathize with one another though.........one day before Kevin was born,  I walked around all day with a pillow under my Tee shirt.....really funny when answering the door ;)   she'll feel a lot better when she has some of the stuff done.   


I'm so used to removing chrome with brake fluid.......the only side effect is the weird feeling it leaves on your fingers.   I try not to get any on me though ;)   I'll check it out though...can't hurt to have something to fall back on.   as I mentioned earlier,  the brake fluid works best on older chromed parts.......if the model is fairly new,  it does take longer.  the Michael Keaton Batmobile is a fairly new model,  reissued by Round 2 models.


most of the chromed parts were de chromed......I think the rims were the only parts I left chromed.  it took a couple of days for the brake fluid to remove the chrome satisfactorily.  here is the finished model




the detailing was done in steel and silver...mostly in steel though.  the model is kinda boring though......can't see to much.  the body was painted in Billing's gloss black,  and toned down with dull coat.  darn thing was wayyyyyyy too shiny!  I have paint pens......markers...hardly used them though.

     another thing to look into though..........leave no stone unturned  ;) 


     digression.........or cars in general........I still like to model them.   I've made some progress on the model,  but mostly  paint.   should have an update soon. :) 

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THX much Pop...the braided lines aren't plastic...it that stretchy elastic Xmas decorative cord, procured a spool of it off the admiral years ago, one spool could probably provide enough cord for 10000 scale race cars...love the shoe box ford, I built the Christine Plymouth fury, just did it box stock though...it sits on the shelf in the junk room, it is in a few pieces though, back in the day it was hard to keep model cars intact with two little boys about :)

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I hear ya on that J...........one time I had bought a large scale kit of the German Stuka....another kit that I haven't seen in quite some time {I even forget the scale}.  I had most of it put together........it vanished from my room!  I looked all over for it.......interrogated the younger one til my older brother told me to leave 'em alone.....grrrrrrrrr!  later in the day,  I saw one of the younger kids in the coral........Roberta,  my youngest sister.  of course when they saw me,  they scattered.......only saw her,  not the other two {but I knew they were involved}.  there I found the plane.....crashed {literally} into the base of a stump!  it was too far done to repair.............I was so B.S.!   this was not the first one they destroyed   I had a 5 foot Black Racer {snake} in a 55 gal drum......

...I caught it up at our neighbor's house {she paid me in cherry pie}.........they dumped the drum over and let it escape!   bratz!   I never thought of that....a really good idea to hang on to........thanks J!  :) 

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hard to believe,  but I accumulated quite a few pictures.....mostly paint.   I've also been dogged by one part.......the upper duel rail.  it's nice that the plastic is hard......but it also make the plastic brittle.   first,  one of the rail lines broke off.......a tiny piece,  but it would have left a huge gap to one of the attachment points.  smaller than a piece of rice.......I couldn't find it anywhere.  I finally found it on the floor below my chair...........I trimmed it.......picked it up with a pair of tweezers........and then,  zing..............off to never never land!   after looking for quite a while,  I gave up......had supper and then watched some TV.  this morning,  I was thinking about it.......and how I was holding the tweezers.   looking again,  I found it where I suspected it might have flown off to........behind my bass amp.   by this time,  I had broken another of the rail lines...a bigger piece and was easily glued back on.  it is repaired now.....it just got a coat of aluminum.   yes.........curiosity got the best of me......I had to see how it would look.   I think it looks nice.......although now I'm thinking they would've looked better in bronze.  what's done is done........I'm not going to find out neither  ;)   I got the parts out of the de chroming vat and scrubbed them clean........they look really good.


I had no problems with the fire extinguisher parts either......the flange didn't break off,  like I thought it would.  with this done,  the next little task was to get the frame painted.  I set it up in the booth like this........but found it was too lightweight to stay that way.


I ended up painting it like this.........sorry for the bad picture.



parts are still being painted.......like the brake rotors in the background.   the drive shaft tube and the extinguisher was cemented together.   I made a grave mistake with the extinguisher.......the steering column has a flange on it.......will need to figure out how to assemble it when the time comes.  I tried the aluminum paint on the main fuel rails........first part of the painting done.


of course,  around this time,  I'm still wrestling with the other fuel rail,  so it will be painted later.    a couple more parts were added to the engine,  and assembly was started on the valve covers.


assembly was also started on the differential......adding the inner parts of the calipers and brackets.


more painting........the drive shaft tube and the firewall.


assembly was also started on the induction plate......painting too.....


the valve covers are finally done and touched up.......they were added to the engine.



more painting.........putting finishing touches to some of the parts......those that were painted more than one color.


the bell housing,  the fuel rail,  the pump,  and the oil filters are among these parts.  the outer caliper parts are on a piece of tape drying.....and in the background to all this chaos,  is the frame.......all nice 'n dry.


more parts added to the engine......these parts will require hoses to finish their assembly.


the firewall is in place too.   I've done a few more thing since starting this update.........more pictures soon  :)    thanks for looking in and for the kind comments.  I'm glad some are finding this interesting.  I know watching paint dry is boring........the frame assembly should liven things up a bit  ;) 



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