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HMS Royal Caroline by Peta_V - Panart - scale 1/47 - from box with modifications

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I'm re-posting my building log from a long time ago. My building log was lost during some server migration and as I did not progress with a build I haven't Re-post until now. 

The start of the build was perhaps 10-12 years ago. I build almost complete hull within 2 years (most of the work was from the box). 

When the hull was nearly finished I got the Conway's Anatomy of the ship plans and I started with some modifications. Unfortunately I do not have photos from that period anymore. 

Than I got long brake (first job, next Jobs, childerns etc.). Few months ago I started again. 

To do are mast, rigging, sails and some little rest on the hull. Now I try to follow the new plans as much as possible.

I started with bowsprit and fore lower mast and standing rigging. Current status is on pics. 













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Hi, not many on the hull. I Made whole new gun cariages, more belaing points on the decks and ports. From deck above, all is done from scratch. Masts, heads, all the rigging etc. All this was very simplified in the kit. 

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1 hour ago, Y.T. said:

Hi Peta_V, you are doing excellent job with this project. Your hull is museum quality. I also am very impressed with your rigging job. Can you do me a favor and explain how you achieve this look of rope ends where ropes coming into friction with other surfaces? Are you having them cross-tied with very thin thread? But how it gets laid so uniformly? Could you reveal details of this?




Exactly, the thick cable is served with thin thread. I build a machine from lego for this purpose. Through gears it turns with thick cable around and thin thread is laid on it. 


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I have cut Down some juniper. IT has really nice color od the core. Do you know if it is somehow usefull for the ship build? I think it would be nice for inner bort planking gun cariages atc. But I have no idea how it behives after drying. Colour, cutting?? 


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Hello Peta.

Stunning work.

I bet the grandson is missing his Lego ? Or did you purchase it just for rope making.

On 2/1/2019 at 11:51 PM, Y.T. said:

Hey. These are perfect ropes. So far you are one who does ropes better than anybody I had seen.

I've got to agree with Quote above.  First class.


Regards Antony.

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Hi Antony,

thanks for your comment. Lego bricks comes from one very old set from my childhood. I have many Lego sets and still like to build something time to time. Those few bricks will not be even recognized in the quantity I have :D 

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