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Greetings from Snowy Ottawa

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Thanks for accepting my membership.   100% newbie to the hobby and completely in the research phase.  Reading, reading and more reading.  One to make sure this is something I want to get into and two, cause it's cool!   🙂


I suffer badly from the winter blah's (near 25 cm's of snow fell today alone) and I spend way too much time playing computer games.   I am also close to retirement so looking for things to occupy my mind and hands.   I have always had a love of ships having grown up on the east coast of Canada, surrounded by fishing villages and living in Bermuda for several years and visiting several times per year has me exposed to sailing vessels.   Even attended the America's Cup 2 years ago.


My other hobbies are Amateur Radio and Photography ( https://canadianloon.wordpress.com ), so if I build it will be well photographed 🙂


That it from this end, will be lurking, asking questions and looking at all the wonderful builds.






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Gidday Scott and a warm welcome from the Land Downunder.

I envy your cold weather.Forecast of 44 Celsius here tomorrow. 

It is a good idea to read, read, read as you say.

Check some build logs to see what era and type of ship appeals.

You will also gain some understanding of the processes and pitfalls involved.

Don't be afraid to ask questions.

There is plenty of support and encouragement on this site.

Wishing you all the best.


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Thanks everyone!   To the guys from down under, I just spend 3 great weeks in your country back in Oct/Nov and had a great time.   Not sure if I want your +40c but my -40c is the other end of the scale.


To my fellow Canadians, I know you feel the pain 🙂


Look forward to seeing everyone's builds and conversations.


Cheers and thanks for the welcome.

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As a Minnesotan I get the seasonal blahs. I switched to led daylight lamps which really help me. If you look for a kit try a manufacturer like Model Shipways which will replace parts free if properly documented. They also have instructions online for you to examine.

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Hey Scott, I'm in Ottawa too!  Well, actually Val-des-Monts, but close.  We should get together sometime.  If you're looking for a suitable project, check out my build in this thread.  I've gone a little beyond what the original simpler plans called for, but it's an easily do-able ship.


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