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I have always since time immemorial used "bog standard " EvoStick wood glue - no problem except perhaps a bit  slow to grab and then set.

But with familiarity I grew to love it.

Just started my Phoenix build so went out and bought a new bottle Evostick Wood Adhesive Waterproof.

BUT it isnt like the old stuff - it claims "extra fast " ( good  bond within 5 - 10 mins) and it is !

On a light weight build like Phoenix - and I think the other MK kits - its too fast !

I broke a (not important) part or two because it grabbed before I had finished adjusting..

Any suggestions as to what  would suit me better ?

I have a bottle of Gorilla Wood Glue - what do people think of that?

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Have you tried the PVAs that are not using aliphatic resin? They take longer to set. I think they're generally labelled as 'white glue' or 'carpenter's glue'. If they're labelled as 'waterproof' they include aliphatic resin and are yellowy in colour.


I use the standard white glue for making filler with sawdust, but haven't generally used it for bonding so although it clearly takes longer, I can't give an accurate idea of setting time.



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Also stay away of polyurethane glues like gorilla glue. Uncontrolled expansion, huge mess. Rock solid in bottle a few months after first use.

Unlike CA glues, my opinion is that all PVA glues are pretty much the same but really it is helpful to have both aliphatic and white for different tasks.

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