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Billings Marie-jeanne old kit


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Greetings Members 
l recently bought a model kit- Billing Boats Marie Jean # 468. It appears to be several years old , ( possibly 15), and is almost complete. At the time of production, the kit was offered for sale in two separate boxes, # 468 - the kit, and #469 the fittings. 
So I am now searching for #469, and wondered if anyone has one they are prepared to sell me

or suggest a source.
I could complete # 468 with fittings sourced from elsewhere, but I have no inventory, and would prefer to use the originals.
Any help you can provide will be much appreciated. 

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I've had two kits of the older production Nordkap.........I had the same problem in the beginning.   just recently Billing has been producing some of these fitting kits.  I was able to buy a kit for the second Nordkap kit,  Although I'm building it as the Progress........a bit of a variation ;)    you could go to Billing USA and cherry pick the parts you'd need,  or see if they are producing the fitting kit for the Marie Jeanne.  if you have a break down list,  it will make life easy for you.

Billing Boats USA


I have the Artesania Latina kit in my stash.

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