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Removing Large Amounts of Plastic


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I'm working on a 1:35 Schnellboot and will be using almost all of the PE upgrades. The main issue is the removal of the skylights for the crew quarters. There is a lot of plastic to remove. The picture shows some removal progress on 4 of the skylights. So far I have been using Dremel sanding drums, fine chisels, and sand paper. It's a tremendous amount of work. Any suggestions to speed up the process or is it just a lot of toil and hours of work to get it done.


Thanks in advance,




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Ron is right. start with a fairly large drill that opens up as much of the un-wanted material as possible and finish off with a #11 exacto size blade and small file if needed. 

Unless you are going to leave them open there is no need to go beyond just using the drill. All you will be able to see is through the three ports on the hatch. If you are going to leave them open then yes you will need to open the full squared out area like you have been doing.


By the way I think you will find that the area under these skylights are the engine rooms. These ships were almost all engine! The crews didn't live on board so there was not much need for large crew accommodations. That was fairly common even in larger German ships.


Are you going to do a build log on this model? I think it would be interesting to follow.

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Thanks for the inputs. Drilling out the center with the largest drill possible helped a great deal. Most of the other work was done with a Dremel drum sander except near the hinges. These needed a fine file and very sharp Xacto blade. There were no narrow chisel tips in the LHS which would have helped a great deal. Thanks for the suggestion on the build thread. I wasn't planning on one but there are not very many on the net so I think I will. I thought they may be skylights for the crew but being the engine room skylights makes a lot of sense.


I'll continue in a build thread.



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