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popeye the sailor

MPC steam locomotive "The General" 1:25 scale by Popeye the Sailor

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I hope so too Ken.......so far,  it's been a couple of rough days at work.   thanks for the good word Ken and Mark......and thanks for all the likes.   most of the basic assemblies are done now.......by basic,  I mean all the parts that will be painted in a single color.   now I can start to add the smaller bits,  and put these assemblies together.  I'll have to do some dry brushing to the trucks......I think I still have that bottle of soot I mixed up for the Titanic.  I should be back at it when I get done with the work week....by then the cold will be nothing more than a nuisance :) 

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thanks J........a bit under the weather at the moment,  but things are turning around.   saw the doctor and got some meds for it.....really hit me hard in the chest congestion area.  back at work now...... I'll try and do something update-able ;)  thanks for the good word    thanks also for the likes!

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I made a little more progress on the General.......the more I tinker with it,  the more I'm beginning to disagree with the Museum quality aspect of this model.  the parts are terrible........if it not injection mold marks,  it's minute flash along the edges of every nook and cranny.  for anyone who has the original kit,  I'd say you probably have a better shot of building a museum showpiece.   they really need to retool the molds :(    don't get me wrong, it will come out a nice looking model.......we'll see when we get there ;) 

the main part of the loco has been painted.  the flat black I used has just enough sheen......I like the way it looks.  the smoke stack has been painted and cemented in place.


the frame and reverse gear assemblies has also been painted.



I went over practically every edge,  to sharpen the edges and remove all the flash junk.   reading ahead,  there are these two parts that need to be de chromed.......the nose emblem and sand dome.


the sand dome is to be painted yellow.........the nose emblem is to be painted multiple colors...makes no sense that they be chrome.  so now they are in the process........makes me want to kick myself,  because I should have done the stream dome as well.  this dome is made up of three parts,  the two halves and the top.  it's bad enough that it suffers a poor fit issue,  but I forgot that it needs to be painted around it's waist.  painting on chrome is never good ;) 



I'd toss it in the jar with the other parts too,  but I wonder what would happen to it because of assembly....would it fall apart?   I may have to take my chances and do it........this part is in real need of some sanding :(   the center floor of the tender is another issue.......it's warped.


I was going to paint it a rust color,  but I think I'll cement it in place and paint the tender in it's entirety.  this is one of those parts that will show very little on the finished model.  to straighten it out,  I cut a strip of 1/8 basswood and cemented it on the underside,  like a spine.


it will never be seen,  and it does a great job of straightening the part out :)   once this is in place,  I'll paint the tender and move on from there.

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Despite the ancient tooling, you are turning this into a very nice model, Denis. I commend you for the effort.

I am wondering about the history of this model. Did it start out as MPC, or was it AMT. or something else before this issue? Seems I remember it maybe being an Entex kit at one time way back, but I could be wrong.

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hello gents!   yepper....I think I'm over the hurdle.......if it wasn't being down with the flu (or whatever it was},  it's the nasty cut I did to my pinkie.   but I'm doing better......the finger is healing well and looks real good :)    gotta get back to the table.....I feel I'm wicked behind!


it is an MPC kit......when they went out,  Round 2 bought up the molds and began producing the kit.  the instructions are dated 2015.  I believe that most of the model companies at that time,  got on board with their own train kits,  since kits were only produced by a few companies.  the train model market was the last big nut to crack,  seeming isolated within these companies.  one must remember that trains were the last model subject to be offered,  since most enthusiasts were still scratch building their models,  and actually seemed to shun the 'pre fab' kit.  they were also the last to adopt model scale classification,  but they adopted their own.......instead of the fractional scale,  they use a lettered scale.   some of the layouts I've seen.......when you get into building model train,  you enter a whole new world ;)   you won't find too many kits out there........model companies soon saw they they could never replicate what these folks do,  and moved away from producing them.


I knew that the Delorean had been produced as a model kit,  but I have never seen these kits......cool beans! :)    I do like to model movie cars ans such.......I'll keep it on the back burner ;) 


I use brake fluid J........used that as long as I can remember.  I had written something about it a while ago..........it does depend on how old the chroming is,  as to how quickly it works.   older kit are usually the quickest,  while newer one take a bit longer.  those two parts have been in there over night,  and after thinking about it,  I saw the heck with it and threw that dome in there too.  the bad part in this case,  is the paint is on chrome.......it will come off right along with it.   I'm good with it ;)    I can start over........the paint got under the tape anyway,  which didn't stick to the chrome too good.  I had a masking tape for past projects that worked really good....then I tried that 3M blue......that was junk!  the green frog tape I've been using has been good,  but had let me down a few times {then again,  I'm not in the habit of washing parts}.


I took the bull by the horns last night and cemented the frame onto the boiler part of the loco.  the diagram was not too good in showing how the rear part lined up with the four brackets on the body........under or over the tabs that stuck out.  in fitting it,  I adjusted it until the two sets of braces forward lined up to their mounting pads,  and cemented it afterwards.   I did the braces separate,  since I had to clamp the rear section until it had set.  another problem I saw,  was that before this step,  they want you to add the front truck assembly on the boiler body.  I found that with the front cross member in place,  there is no way to slide the truck through the frame.  I'm setting up to add that today { I hope}.   I'm doing more painting as well.......added the inner floor to the tender and gave that a shot of paint.  I'll have an update soon  :) 

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