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SMS Emden by boris279 - FINISHED - 1/100

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Started this project august 2014 (did not keep a build log on this forum, only on a German forum and partly on a Dutch forum.)

bought it as a kit from M.Z Modellbau in Germany

the kit came with a GFK hull and a lot of resin parts, to make a RC model,

Decided to build her as a static display model. used only the bare hull and added a lot of details to it

Remade almost all the resin parts 90% of it (structures)

So it became a nice collection of evergreen, brass, print board and silver wire.

After almost 5 years and researching almost all parts, (used a lot of the work of Mr Huff and collected pictures of the Emden and her sister ship the Dresden) before constructing them.

I finished her for almost 95%, still a lot of details to go.


below a few pictures for the impression


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A beautiful ship with an honorable history. I just finished reading "First Victory" by Mike Carlton. I hadn't realised how effective a raider she'd been - a single ship disrupting Allied trade and troop movements, and tying up the resources of a whole fleet trying to find her. And Sydney only happened to be in the right place because she was escorting a convoy - otherwise Emden could have kept going for a considerably longer time. And she gave a very good account of herself despite being heavily outgunned by Sydney


You've made a beautiful model of her, Boris, worthy of such a beautiful ship.



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My avatar approves!


One thing I notice on your model is that the steam pipes on the forward funnel appear to be on the outside of the grab rails; is that correct? I have a partially completed 1/200 HMV version of this model, and I couldn't tell if the pipes went to the inside or outside -- I ended up putting them on the outside only because I could not figure out any way to put them on the inside.



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Hello Chris,


The pipes they have to be on the outside of the grabbing rings

That was also for me a point of confusing, first i made all the pipes on the inside of the grabbing rings, witch was quite a puzzle,  but later after studying some pictures, it became clear to me, so i had to re make everything, 

Only have one picture with all the piping on the inside, did not make a picture with the pipes on the outside before painting. 




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I purchased the hull from MZ modellbau in Germany. 

Later I figured out that the hull original came from ML modelships, when I was looking for propellers, I asked Aleksandr for it, because of the similarity of the hull on his page. 


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Thanks for the responds and likes !

Finished starboard side all the rigging for the sloops and steam launch, the night sail installation and the rest of the navigation lights in both masts

Also finished the last parts of the rigging and placed all the flags.


below a few pictures for the impression, as said before pictures are telling more than words.





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On 2/25/2019 at 12:49 AM, boris279 said:








Hello Boris,

that is a great way to build this phenomenal ship and to remember the sailors that manned her. Beautiful built with astonishing detailing.


The flag on the bow is placed upside down to the mast... The real German flag starts allways with black on the top* - as you can see on the picture below in the Imperial War Ensign - black-white-red. As in the flag song:

Hope to see some more progress of the EMDEN in her tropical "suit" in the future.


*The Flag of the GDR-nowerdays is wrong as the metallic "colour" (gold) had to be on the top - heraldicaly; in the real German flag the silver=white is in the middle so the heavier colour (black) went to the top.

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Nils thank you !


thanks for letting me know about the flag , appreciate it. (changed already the flag)

perhaps a lite late for me to answer, but i finished the Emden on 20 march this year, 

started already with a new project.  😀 (a 1/100 S.M.S Scharnhorst)


below a few pictures of the finished S.M.S Emden.






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