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Paper Block Set for Shipyard 1/96 Kits Now Available

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For those who are into paper models, Ages of Sail now lists block sets for the 1/96-scale Shipyard paper models.


Each set is made for a specific kit and contains all the blocks and deadeyes to complete that kit.



These do require some assembly, but come in laser-cut cardboard sheets of blocks. Each sheet makes up one layer of a set of blocks. Single blocks are made up from 3 sheets and double-blocks are made up from 5 sheets. Deadeyes are similarly built-up.


Assembled blocks need to be finished by painting or staining/dying.


All Shipyard paper model kits include printed blocks, but they have to be laminated and cut out individually. These laser-cut block sets will save time and trouble. 




Of course, you can always use wooden blocks. But these sets include necessary specialty blocks such as lift blocks, hearts, long tackle blocks, rams head blocks, shoulder blocks, clew garnet blocks, round and triangular deadeyes, and 5-hole deadeyes.


Note that we're only carrying these full sets. We do not carry the individual packages of blocks at this time. Check them out here: https://www.agesofsail.com/ecommerce/paper-kits/sails-and-accessories/paper-block-sets.html




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