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New England Stonington Dragger by FriedClams - FINISHED - 1:48 POB

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I love horror movies, wish someone had filmed your incident, NOT.   Would sure make a great commercial!!!     I am VERY happy that all ended well and I thank you very very much for your building log, it has been a true pleasure to follow.  It has also opened my mind to new subjects for future projects.


Do you have a new project in the making?   I for one will definitely follow your build if you start a log.   


Thank you very much for sharing.  



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Gary, this build is like a good book that you can't put down but you put off reading too quickly so as not to rush the ending. This log may have come to an end, stuffed with all your beautiful work from page one to the last but the lessons and wonderful images will live with me forever. Thank you.........Keith

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Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments.  It is so great to share a hobby with like-minded folks.



On 11/27/2020 at 4:14 PM, druxey said:

Now, what's next? We are waiting....


On 11/27/2020 at 4:25 PM, allanyed said:

Do you have a new project in the making?


Hello Druxey and Allen.  Thanks for asking and your interest.


When I began this Stonington boat, I always had it in the back of my mind that this would be a trial run of sorts leading up to a larger and more complex Eastern-rig vessel. I always figure the scar tissue developed during one project will benefit me in the next, or at least help in avoiding a total face plant. There are numerous weaknesses and flat-out errors on every model I've ever made and that tradition will continue, but I hope to make new mistakes and not repeat ones made before. There are very few wooden hull Eastern-rig boats still floating today. They have mostly been replaced by steel hull stern trawlers, but in mid-century New England, they were ubiquitous. Based on my interests and being a mid-century New Englander myself, an Eastern-rig scallop dragger out of New Bedford seems a natural next project.


I didn't have much in the way of plans for the Stonington boat and I spent ridiculous amounts of time scrounging around in search of tidbit information.  I'm not going to do that on the next model, so I need to hunt down comprehensive plans and I know who has them.  The research library at Mystic Seaport is a rich resource of plans for vessels of all types, but the vast majority of the material is undigitized and requires on-site research.  Their archives contain the original drawings for dozens and dozens of Eastern-rig boats – but the library is closed to visitors due to Covid.  When they re-open, I will travel down to Connecticut and see what they got.



In the interim I'm going to work on some non-floating modeling and make another 1:87 mini- diorama. Early on in this log I posted photos of one of these small dioramas – a small boat building shop.




That was the second in a series. The first was this old Fordson tractor emerging from a barn. Both dioramas are the same size.




The third will be a 1920s auto repair shop and will keep me occupied until I can begin work on the scallop boat.




On 11/27/2020 at 4:19 PM, wefalck said:

I gather the boats sits on the ground between tides ? Or how is it otherwise hauled out ?


Hello Wefalck.  No, it's not in the tidal zone and your question is a good one. I looked at many photos like this and though “how did that boat get there”?




What was confounding to me is that the boat stands, props and cribbing are in the way of whatever placed there. How do you hold the boat up and pull the transport out from under it at the same time? I then found this video and the “well, of course” moment happened. The video is from a manufacturer of boat stands and it demonstrates the ease of how it's done. The first 45 seconds or so is product sales pitch.


Brownell Boat Stands Demonstration - YouTube


And there is always plan “B”.




Thanks again everyone.  Stay safe.



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Hello Gary,

 That was a phenomenal build of a Stonington dragger.  I like all working vessels of all types. I thought maybe using a link to your build would and surely does help those in my RC club that are new or advancing into the model building hobby. I especially like you weathering of the hull and deck planks and hatch covers, doors, etc. That makes a load of difference in a finished model. I am with a local MA RC club with many interests. Link below. I have built an amount of wood boat models scattered over the years. But I am also into aircraft. Thanks for your informative posts.

Bob Pacheco


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