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hey there bud!  pretty good soldering on those collars!  sorry to hear of your problem......glad though that it hasn't stopped you for very long.  for your mast dilemma,  look up other like ships.......even pictures can give you ideas.  I'm not up on this brand of model,  but I do have the Billing's Bluenose plans.       I'll give them a look over.........cross trees and spreaders.......you should also have caps for the tops of the mast sections.  do taper the topmost section,  but the first and second sections,  you can get away without,  unless you need to fit parts,  like the caps


I looked at the Billings plans,  but they don't show what I want to see.......I know I have another sheet somewhere.  I did find some pictures for you to see

bluenose-ii-coming-into.jpg.3f5f4ab5b93d5c935da9da37ef71b2f7.jpg   1896241148_crosstreeandspreaders.jpg.3dde79571fa85fd1135acf91cc4b3af6.jpg    med-38-bluenose_ii_at_halifax_dock.jpg.1ac1f6eead50682694c79355512d7b60.jpg

your not too far off the mark........keep up the good work  :) 

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Hence I was doing the masts I took a look at my Hull and found a big mistake  Hi put some eyel on the top rail over the chainplates and thay are  epoxy them in place  Those were the wrong things to put in there so to get them out I used my really nice soldering iron heated up the eyes and pulled them right out they came out with ease is that happen to some one els this is what u can do to fix it 



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now its going to be time to do the rigging doing blocks and tieing knoxs and doing all that i dont want to do not good at doing that part plans dont show me where all the blocks go and where to tie them and stuff this is not going to be fun for me this might not come out as well

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