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Northsea Fishing Trawler by Richmond - Revell - 1:142

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This was a Christmas gift from our cleaners daughter. Its a pretty old model, from what I  can see it originally dates back to 1970 and has had numerous iterations  since then including a Russian spy trawler! The model shown is a re box dated 2015. 


There are 4 sprues some decals and some twine for the rigging and that's it!


The model itself is pretty low quality and does not compare to that found in more recent models. Lots of flash, seam lines and injector pin marks. The parts are limited, for example ladders are molded to the cabins where a separate ladder could have been provided, no window /porthole openings etc. 


The other downside with Revell is they do not export their acrylics to Australia - I have tried my best to match up with Tamiya with limitations.


I hope to knock this over in a few weeks










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Gidday Richmond.

You are correct, she sure is basic. Having said that there are some fine examples of basic kits out there.

I suppose one is only limited by how far we want to take the kit. Of course this is only a personal observation.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours.



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Well onto progress I have the hull painted other then  for a thin white stripe within the black painted section between the scuppers which I am not sure how to tackle


I have made a coupe of stuff ups  


Firstly when marking the water line the model toppled over and left some pencil marks on the red hull which I am not sure how to remove without damaging the paintwork and then when admiring my handy work the model slipped out of my hands and crashed to the tiled floor (the downside of living in the tropics)  - the rudder broke off and some hull paint work was damaged. 


Secondly from reading a build log via Scalemates whereby the modeler cut out the windows - I decided to do the same and made complete stuff up - I first drilled out the windows and then found I never had a file small enough to remove the rest of the plastic. So now I had irreparable damage to the cabins as well as the rudder and thus decided to order a copy. The cost of the model is around AUD 35.00 so no big deal.


Second time around I masked off the windows and painted them black - they look OK from afar but no so great in close up! :( but they will have to do. Also for some reason the masking tape left some residue which is pretty rare for Tamiya tape so I will have to clean this up.


I drilled out the portholes and will fill the voids with Micro Crystal Clear to create glazing.


I have now painted the vast majority of other parts ready for assembly.  I am having trouble with certain colours with sticking to the plastic - probably my fault for having not primed the parts first. However it is not clear to me why some colours have trouble sticking and others do not.
















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look'in good Richmond :)   it depends on the brand of model you buy {I've found},  as to the level of detail you'll get.   moving over to wooden ship for me,  was a golden opportunity,  as I enjoy bashing kits :ph34r:   I have the Lindberg North sea trawler in my stash.   it's funny,  because my first wooden ship was the Billing's Nordkap........32 inches of sheer enjoyment.  it was an old kit {not laser cut},  and a couple of Christmas's ago,  I got another shot at one of these old Billing's kits.   I'm bashing it into the Progress,  another one of Billing's older offerings.  it is too bad you can't cut out the windows....some clear cello would have done nicely in them,  and you could have scratch built the interior.   shoot.......at $32 bucks, get another one and experiment a little.   nice progress so far.......looking forward in seeing more :)  

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Looking nice Richmond


This is one of the few model ships I have built twice. Once for myself and again for a friend. In both cases they were converted to RC operation and were very seaworthy and fun to operate. They also looked nice on the pond but tended to get pretty small fast! :wacko:

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I have two of these models, to be used on my railroad layout which will be a port scene. along with a Shell tanker. All are way small in scale, but should look OK alongside the layout.  The layout is based on one I saw in a magazine, but slightly larger. The author toted it as a 2X10 design, to enter it in a contest. After CADing it out, it became apparent that the one he showed in the photos that he actually built was closer to 2.5X12! So I had to enlarge the design. The ships in his pictures look good in the scenes. Trying yo fit even a single HO scale freighter in a reasonable sized layout would be difficult, let alone three or four. They have to be low models, also, so you can reach over them to uncouple the cars, or re-rail them.

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