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Tom E

James Cannon, Model 1841 by Tom E - Guns of History - 1:16

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Thought I would throw my hat into the "Non-Ship Categorized Build" section.

This looks like fun!

As much as I love ship modelling, I do dabble in other things.

WW1 aircraft are a passion. I have the ME Curtiss Jenny in my stash, which may be started sooner than later!

This is my first cannon. 


The obligatory box shots.


Well packed kit of a few pounds. 

Cast parts that you would expect. They will need some clean up. 

All rope will be replaced with Syren rope. 

The chain I'll blacken with Birchwood/Casey. 


The way the parts list is organized, one can label the packages with ease. 


The one thing, 

The instructions are fine, read them and you'll do well.

But it looks like its been photo copied a million times and the diagram has faded.

Its workable and shouldn't pose a problem. 


Tom E 




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Well...here we go! 

When I first started this I was going to pre paint everything prior to gluing. 

That changed on the very first few steps. 

I am using a 5-minute epoxy for the first 3 main pieces, The left and right Trails and the Tow Bar/Skid.

Not quite sure what would happen when pre-painting, then applying the epoxy afterwards if it would screw up the bond.

In the end, the 3 pieces went together, then I'll paint. 


They fit relatively easy.

Plenty of sanding and trimming extra metal. 

All where washed and dried overnight before gluing together. 


They went to paint afterwards.

These pics are after the first coat, I tend to do three. 

I REALLY need to invest in an airbrush set up. 


There's a lot of touch up to be done where the white and black paint meet. 




Tom E 




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nice start......I've never done a cannon.   it's always good to go where your interests lie.........my sweet tooth is pretty large.  I've built anything that passed my table.  not only that........if your a reformed plastic modeler like me,  it's always good to dabble in the medium to keep your skill up.   look'in forward in seeing updates on build'in this beauty  :) 

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Thanks Popeye!

It's my first cannon as well.  It's fun to build something different, mix up the scenery a bit!

I do love ship building, but this new "non-ship" section is cool.

There's a lot of techniques done here that translate into ship modeling, at least I think so.:D


Tom E 

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Just a small update on the James Cannon.

Most of my weekend was spent with my Niagara.


There's a lot of painting!

I started the 2 Cheeks and Elevator Screw/Housing.

Below, the cheeks have only the white primer, and the first layer of black on the edges. 


The Elevator Screw was easy.

A few coats of black and I glued it to the main body. 


I started to spruce up the Main Axle.

I assure, It didn't start out that shiny!

Lots of sanding, and a faux wood grain to the metal that you don't want to completely remove. 

It will get a bath, dry, then a coat of primer. 



Tom E 



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please tell me that red on the plate wasn't you! :o    I put a nice gash on my pinkie finger over the weekend.......a non modeling mishap,  but my modeling has suffered a little because of it.  can be a pain getting rid of mold lines on metal,  but so far it looks good.   nice work  ;) 

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That reds not me, well at least not yet!:)

I hate to admit, but I would have to say on most of my builds I've gotten myself.

Really opened up my thumb last April! No stiches but you'd think I spilt spaghetti sauce! 

Band-Aids are always well stocked.


Tom E 

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