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Age of Sail 2 - 3d ship models for PC wargame

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And I went into rebuilding the 74 for a reason.





I used the Vindictive plans on the hull of the Colossus (which will explain a slightly different gunport arrangement and a straight stem). The elaborate semi-elliptic stern with hanging quarter galleries is especially interesting.


So we have a frigate of a size of a battleship, with comparable armament, built to 1830's specification over a hull with lines designed in 1740's. Lacks only steam engine for complete madness, and even that's not impossible.


For me it was a long dream, to actually and properly razee something :)




Interesting, that most of the large post-war British frigates, starting with the Vernon, were, more or less, similar to those converted frigates, both in size and in armament, as if the Admiralty, after long decades got the idea that it just may be easier to design a large frigate from the beginning, than to build a two-decker and then cut it.

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Another ship in my "monstrous frigate" series: the HMS Vernon (1832):


vernon_1.png.d4b86c5f32f9816647e294bb51e8aacc.png vernon_2.png.705ac74468a37255afbf98833fc731d6.png

vernon_3.thumb.png.08b7049080285bd623eb251a5b3da430.png vernon_4.png.4e3eeb3a10ca98b3806f46d87f5955ac.png

vernon_5.png.c6d935f1c98889a58575e1044ed1e8d4.png vernon_6.png.235d1f90d79864e52ade64124696b33d.png


Considered at that time an experimental frigate, she was very large (similar in size to 80-gun ship), and one of the first to be constructed with some ergonomics in mind (space between decks increased to 7 feet, for example), and carried her guns at 10 feet above the waterline. The stern is also interesting - it's actually an extended round (elliptic) construction with a very conservative sternboard attached to it to make the appearance more classic.

I have a weakness for the works of William Symonds, apparently.

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The Albion is complete and tested under sail.






shot0003_4.png.c2e0998f67111b69822cc4544503111b.png shot0004_4.png.42c6c30edf8497ec4f7569b73df8e468.png


Like all the ships from the period, she was somewhat difficult, because of the amount of modifications the class was subjected to. The gunports as depicted on the original plan did not match those on existing photographs of Aboukir and Exmouth, and were closer to later and slightly different Hannibal (and this was a source for endless frustration) but in the end I was able to find the specific plan for Exmouth with slightly altered scheme that did match the photographs. Phew.

I did keep the original stern, though.



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You're definitely talking about something else, most probably Naval Action.

This game is very old (early 2000 release), and does not have any ranks and communities. It's more of a tactical sandbox - you can make scenarios and play them out, with quite rudimentary LAN multiplayer option.

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Thanks :)


The chosen style of virtual block models keeps the models simple enough to be able to finish them relatively quickly and be able to perceive the designs and the ways they developed one from the other, the evolution I find most fascinating. And they work, turn, sail and fire.


Also, I am constantly tinkering with the ships until I am satisfied with their look or in case I find some new information or picture, and their appearance changes slightly from the posted screenshots, so here is a bunch of more updated screenshots (shallow and calm water allows to see the underwater forms):

shot0000_1.thumb.png.4798e832cf9f539661218a7a95fe4eeb.png shot0004_1.png.dfe933a6bbac4d8384e2979803603df0.png


shot0001_1.thumb.png.2b2a5b6303786a88576ea68bd041561f.png shot0002_1.thumb.png.97d3409e52113731b6fdfe32b18928d3.png





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Completed another monstrous frigate, even larger than the Vernon: the Emerald of 1848. The model is of the original, pure sailing configuration of the ship, making her a pinnacle (more or less) of the class development before the transition to steam. The real ship and all her sisters were completed as steam screw frigates.


emerald_1.png.5c3b1874a56febb4c2a28ae3d4b4c4c9.png emerald_1_1.png.326b749e3bf679b771e74b85888bedc0.png








shot0000_6.png.0551fc6cc5477b060c975d41b527c9bd.png shot0002_5.png.b817562e1e623775c37b330e3d65dd91.png






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