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Age of Sail 2 - 3d ship models for PC wargame

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Experimenting with it, yes.
I thought to try to implement things absent in the old game - and those I would really want added - like anchors, towing, boats, tricky sail maneuvering, if I ever get to it. The general idea is to recreate the old functionality with various additions, but that's too broad to consider it seriously at the moment.

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Finished rebuilding the L'Egyptienne.


egyptienne_new.png.8fce48a35376debd9ec98d5d6ede9e13.png egyptienne_new1.png.8323aa389efe9f233b9c2ff2b275dadb.png




Well, not exactly :) It was a long attempt to make a British frigate if they did build on her lines (on the occasion they didn't, as it was considered too expensive, but the project was considered for some time). I used the NMM plans with a British style stern (as it was actually fitted to her) and slightly straightened the gundeck forward, enclosing the forecastle and adding bridle ports with a late-war head.


More or less the changes are similar to the process that most French frigates were subjected to under Large Repair or if a copy was ordered to be built.


With very special thanks to @G. Delacroix :)


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