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U-552 Type VIIc Submersible by yvesvidal - Trumpeter - 1/48 - Plastic

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Yves-That looks fantastic but I have to ask, what the hell am I supposed to do now? Viewing your updates is a daily routine for me. Now what do I do? I mean, you could start building the Trumpeter 1/200 Bismarck or if you want a real challenge, try making a reasonable model out of the Trumpy 1/200 Titanic but until then, what am I supposed to do (sniff, sniff)?


Seriously, that looks awesome. Can't wait to see the pro pics of it. You have done a masterful job and should be truly proud. Thank you for all the hard work you not only put into the model, but taking the time to share it with all of us. Here's hoping you grace us with another project but you definitely deserve a breather after this one.

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Still waiting for my professional photographer to show up.... I think it will not happen, as he is probably hiding in his basement....


Anyway, I wanted to look quickly and very superficially at the cost of building such a model. We will assume you already are in possession of a bunch of tools, including a Dremel hand machine with a nice set of bits.


The kit itself is around $450, the RCSubs PE sets add another $270-300 depending on how far you are going, $50 in glues of all kinds, $100 in paints (The Humbrol paints coming from Europe to paint the hull and deck cost me close to $50), LEDs (close to 50), electric motors and many yards of very thin electric wires, the stand made of wood and brass tubes, switches and many little things here and there. We are probably not far or slightly above one grand. Even more if you start buying books and DVDs on that subject.....


But when you look at the time it takes to build such model, it is no more than $3 per day which is less expensive than beer or tobacco. We all know that the cost of our passion is no object and as such should be disregarded.


I have immensely enjoyed building this model and being able to present it to you readers and enthusiasts. I have to confess that your support and encouragements have been my fuel to continue through that, at times, difficult endeavor. In retrospect, I just cannot believe that this thread was visited close to 80,000 times over a period of 16 months.


Thus, to conclude that Build Log, let me offer you some last pictures of the model and of the real thing. I simply hope the model will not terminate like the real submersible....










































Although it is not completely clear how U-552 finished its days, I think it was scuttled before the Allies could take possession of it in one of the Brittany ports in 1945.












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49 minutes ago, Landrotten Highlander said:

Is that a big model, or are you a smallish person?


I do not dress at Big and Tall 😀. I am only 5 feet 10 inches, 61 years old and 177 pounds. The model is quite large, on the other hand as you can see.... and heavy too!



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