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Missouri by Semorebutts - Trumpeter - 1/200 - Pontos detail up & advanced add on

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Hi everyone, this will be a record of my attempt to complete the huge challenge that is Trumpeters Mighty MO.  the addition of both pontos kits only compounds this challenge.  

I have almost everything. I’m just waiting on the advanced add on kit to arrive. 

I recently completed Trumpeters Bismarck. The MO is 4 inches longer! 


I won’t bore anyone with photos of every sprue, but heres the color scheme and paint chart. Now I wish   I could use tamiya paints as I like them and I am comfy airbrushing them, but their color selection for the MO is horrible. 


so I got these 2 sets from AK interactive. I hope they airbrush ok. any thoughts?  I’m also considering Model Air  and AK real colors of ww2. If I can find the colors needed. 


I got this Eduard mini kit of hull plates. 


The first of the Pontos kits


dry transfers


theres 50 of these to build!


I went with the blue deck because it looks better to me. 


thats all for now. The 2nd Pontos kit should be here anyday now. 

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Thank you for coming to this log guys!  Ok first question of the log, look at the photo of resin pieces, then look at the bag with the life rings. You will see a tiny white square rod.  Anyone have any ideas as to what that is?  Its not in Pontos intructions. 

 Oh man this is a little scary not having a flory build to emulate. 

RGL- I took half a breath, I should be ok lol

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The final Pontos kit just came in. I’m now officially ready to role.  


theres alot of resin in this one. Its basically the bofor kits from veteran models. 


the props that I probably won’t use. 


and the PE for the bofors


also some last minute supplies


last but not least the best sanding sticks ever that I get from CVS. 



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27 minutes ago, semorebutts said:

MO would destroy Bisy in a battle.

I think I agree with you. I always wondered what would have happened at the battle of Samar, (Battle of Leyte Gulf), if Halsey had not fallen for the Japanese ruse and rushed off in a wild goose chase and had in fact met up with the Yamato. I know that the Missouri had better gun control and radar but the Yamato had those huge guns. One can not help but remember though that the Missouri was hit in the side by a Kamikaze and it barley scratched the paint! (No really, they say that she still carries the dent).


A more contemporary adversary for the Bismark or Tirpitz would have been the USS Washington or North Carolina. To be honest even though the battle may have been more equal I think the Washington would have still won.

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